10 Anime Villains Who Got Away With Their Worst Crimes

The characters Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Light Yagami from Death Note have accomplished some of the most despicable acts in human history.

Given the frequency with which villains fail to execute their plans, one wonders why anime villains even attempt them in the first place. Even when the heroes face significant challenges, they inevitably triumph over the villains. However, the heroes' victory doesn't always lead to the appropriate punishment for the villains.

Certain villains have committed horrific atrocities against society or even their own families. Shou Tucker's actions toward his daughter have earned him infamy, while characters like Vegeta have managed to switch sides with minimal consequences. Heroes are often praised for their forgiving nature, but some villains arguably do not receive the consequences they truly deserve.

10. Shou Tucker
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Shou Tucker was an exceptional scientist whose insatiable thirst for knowledge led to the deterioration of his moral compass. Consumed by his desire to create a chimera capable of speech, Tucker resorted to unspeakable acts, including the murder of his wife, and the transformation of his own daughter and beloved pet dog into a chimera.

In Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Scar intervenes and ends Tucker's life before he can face legal consequences for his heinous crimes. While some may consider this a fitting punishment, Tucker's death came with the tragic twist that he remained convinced of the righteousness of his actions until the end. Given the unspeakable fate he imposed upon Nina, Tucker deserved to endure far greater suffering as retribution for his abhorrent deeds.

9. Espada

Aizen experiences retribution after Ichigo defeats him during the Arrancar Arc in Bleach, but the remaining Espada evade similar consequences. Harribel, in fact, ascends to the position of leader in Wakomundo—an unexpected reward rather than a punishment.

Considering the Espada's collaboration with Aizen in his destructive plans targeting Karakura Town, it would be logical for them to face repercussions, especially given their involvement in the kidnapping and mistreatment of Orihime. Despite their heinous actions, Ichigo, like many other heroes, displays a remarkably forgiving nature towards the Espada. Once Orihime is rescued and Aizen is vanquished, the notion of holding the Espada accountable for their deeds doesn't even cross Ichigo's mind.

8. All For One
My Hero Academia

All For One, the cunning antagonist from My Hero Academia, thrives on orchestrating the downfall of others and takes pleasure in their suffering. His selection of Shigaraki as his successor is not a mere coincidence but rather a deliberate choice due to Shigaraki's connection to Nana, the previous wielder of One For All. Even while imprisoned, All For One manipulates and taunts All Might, reveling in his ability to exert control from the shadows. Over the years, he has operated with impunity, making him an exceedingly dangerous adversary.

Although All Might emerged victorious during the Kamino Ward confrontation, the triumph belonged to All For One. All Might's devastating loss of power in that battle rendered the world defenseless against All For One and his legion of villains. It is challenging to fathom how Midoriya will manage to bring an end to All For One, given the latter's unstoppable nature and track record of eluding capture.

7. Light Yagami
Death Note

Light initially presented himself as a righteous individual driven by noble intentions. Utilizing the Death Note, he embarked on a mission to eliminate criminals, but as the power consumed him, he succumbed to its allure, twisting it for his personal gain. However, Light never faces the consequences he deserves for his atrocious deeds.

Upon being exposed as Kira, Light resorts to fleeing and ultimately meets his demise at the hands of Ryuk. While this outcome may offer a sense of satisfaction to the shinigami, it is a disheartening reality for the dedicated police force that tirelessly labored to apprehend Kira. The fact that they never had the opportunity to bring Light to justice and see him face the full weight of his actions is undoubtedly a regrettable outcome.

6. Bondrewd
Made In Abyss

Bondrewd, a White Whistle in the series Made in Abyss, belongs to a privileged class of Cave Raiders entrusted with the task of unraveling the mysteries concealed within the Abyss. Exploiting scientific progress as a pretext, he indulges in abhorrent actions that cause harm to others.

One of Bondrewd's regular practices involves subjecting children to torturous experiences by exposing them to the curse of the Abyss. Furthermore, he conducts experiments on them, seeking to create cartridges that can nullify the Abyss' effects. Although Reg manages to defeat Bondrewd, ensuring his own and his friends' escape, the reprieve is short-lived. The realization that Bondrewd will never be held accountable for his ongoing crimes is an immensely difficult reality to accept.

5. Demon King
Sleepy Princess In The Demon Castle

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle, being a comedy anime, portrays the Demon King's crimes in a less shocking manner compared to other villains. Nonetheless, the act of kidnapping a kingdom's princess remains a grave offense for which he has managed to evade consequences.

The prince entrusted with rescuing the princess has proven to be remarkably unsuccessful thus far, leaving Princess Syalis to cope with the lack of suitable accommodations provided by her demonic captors. Despite her resourcefulness in navigating her predicament, her family continues to endure the anguish of her absence, while the Demon King shows no remorse whatsoever.

4. Orochimaru

Orochimaru is one of the first major antagonists in Naruto. He plays a pivotal role in the destruction of the Leaf Village during the Chunin Exams and is indirectly involved in the Third Hokage's demise. However, his malevolent actions extend far beyond these events.

It's due to Orochimaru's influence that Sasuke becomes disillusioned with the village and eventually abandons it. Moreover, throughout the series, Orochimaru is shown engaging in abhorrent experiments on individuals. Given the gravity of his crimes, many believe that he should face significant consequences, such as imprisonment. Surprisingly, despite these heinous acts, Orochimaru's fate takes an unexpected turn. By the end of Naruto Shippuden, he is granted permission to move freely within the village, a development that leaves many astonished.

3. Celestial Dragons
One Piece 

The Celestial Dragons hold an exalted status in One Piece, often likened to divine beings. They enjoy absolute immunity from the law, which grants them the authority to own slaves and even take lives without consequence. In an unprovoked act, a Celestial Dragon ruthlessly fires upon Sabo's ship, while Doflamingo commits unspeakable atrocities, spurred by his belief in the entitlement bestowed by his Celestial Dragon heritage.

In a rare act of retribution, Luffy retaliates against a Celestial Dragon on Sabaody Archipelago to avenge Hachi. However, it is distressing to note that the majority of the time, the Celestial Dragons perpetrate horrifying acts of cruelty with impunity. Their abominable deeds lay bare the inherent flaws of the World Government, which grants them such unrestricted privileges.

2. Shinobu Sensui
Yu Yu Hakusho

Shinobu Sensui from Yu Yu Hakusho exhibited a profound dedication to safeguarding humanity during his tenure as a spirit detective. Regrettably, his perspective was rather dichotomous, rendering him unable to cope with the emotional distress that arose when confronted with the capacity for darkness within humans.

Interestingly, it was not Yusuke but rather Yusuke's ancestor who emerged victorious in the confrontation against Shinobu. Furthermore, it's worth noting that Shinobu was already afflicted with a terminal illness, implying that his demise was inevitable, irrespective of the battle's outcome. With the opening of the borders between the Demon and Human Worlds facilitated by the Spirit World, Shinobu's circumstances are not left without consequences. In an unexpected twist, he attains his desired outcome.

1. Vegeta
Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta has undergone a significant transformation, evolving from his villainous origins to become a protagonist in Dragon Ball Z. Initially, he aligned himself with Frieza and orchestrated an attack on Earth, causing great harm. However, his transition to the side of the heroes was a gradual process.

It can be argued that Vegeta initially joined forces with Goku not out of a genuine concern for protecting others but rather because he desired to be involved in the thrilling battles. Given the magnitude of the atrocities he committed, some may perceive Vegeta's eventual redemption as a relatively lenient outcome. Nevertheless, he was granted a second chance at life and went on to build a fulfilling existence, including a successful marriage and the joy of raising his two remarkable children. When compared to other villains, Vegeta does seem to have emerged victorious in many aspects.


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