Attack on Titan Director Says the Finale's Dub Is Nearly Complete


The Scout Regiment has faced numerous trials and tribulations throughout their journey as the central figures in Attack on Titan. In the penultimate issue, we witnessed the Survey Corps embarking on a mission to confront their former comrade, Eren Jaeger. As the series reaches its climactic conclusion, the upcoming battle promises to be exceptionally intense. While MAPPA has previously stated that the final installment will be released in the fall, an exact date is yet to be disclosed. Fortunately, a director associated with the anime recently provided a status update on the highly anticipated finale.

The latest episode delivered an emotionally charged and graphically visceral experience, surpassing even the series' own reputation for brutality. Eren, now in possession of the Founding Titan's powers, has unleashed the cataclysmic event known as the Rumbling upon the world. With a colossal army of Titans under his command, Jaeger is determined to eradicate the global population beyond Paradis Island's borders. Consequently, the Scout Regiment finds themselves in a harrowing predicament, forced to defend a world that has long held animosity towards them.

Attack on Titan Finale:

Sound director Masafumi Mima has played a significant role in the final season of Attack on Titan and has been actively sharing updates with fans. In a recent post on social media, Mima revealed that sixty-five percent of the dubbing for the highly anticipated final episode has already been completed. Given the immense scale of the final battle depicted in the manga, the animation studio MAPPA undoubtedly faces a daunting task in bringing it to life.

 Attack on Titan's creator Hajime Isayama hasn't been shy in addressing what many fans to be a controversial ending to the story of the Scout Regiment. So controversial was the finale in fact that many fans have wondered if the anime adaptation will take the opportunity to change some of the events that took place. As it stands, nothing has been confirmed by MAPPA and/or Isayama. While Isayama did release a "director's cut" that expanded on the grand finale of the series, it has yet to be confirmed just what will make the cut for the upcoming animated episode.

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