Dragon Ball Enlists Fashion Expert to Break Down Master Roshi's Style

Master Roshi may not be the most formidable entity in the Dragon Ball universe, but he has had ample opportunities to lend his aid to his fellow Z-Fighters in Dragon Ball Super. Emerged from retirement for the Tournament of Power, Goku and Krillin's esteemed mentor managed to survive and has also become a recognized fashion icon, according to experts in the fashion industry. To humorously dissect Roshi's style, Dragon Ball's Official Website sought the assistance of fashion expert Koji Yamada, a prolific author renowned for his books on fashion.

Joining Yamada in analyzing Roshi's various outfits throughout the years was fashion writer Masahiko Taira. They examined how his quintessential "Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses combo" contributes to creating a timeless aesthetic. Yamada further commented on breaking down Kamesennin, or Master Roshi, and his fashion sense, stating, "I would say that Kamesennin's signature items—such as the open-necked shirts, t-shirts, shorts, beach sandals, or sneakers he wears in the series—are straightforward, everyday clothing choices that never go out of style, regardless of fashion trends. What I mean is that they always maintain a sense of freshness and never feel outdated, making them effortlessly 'normal'."

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Master Roshi's Fashion Origins

Yamada delved into the origins of Master Roshi's Hawaiian shirts, shedding light on their beginnings. "I believe it was the 'Sun Tribe'* that sparked the trend in the 1950s. This term emerged from Shintaro Ishihara's acclaimed novel Season of the Sun, which was subsequently adapted into a film. The 'Sun Tribe' style was epitomized by Japanese actor Yujiro Ishihara, who portrayed a carefree, uninhibited young man living life to the fullest on Japan's beaches. *A term referring to the rebellious generation of post-WWII Japanese teenagers."

Following the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super, Roshi found himself once again thrust onto the battlefield during the Moro Arc. As the energy-absorbing wizard dispatched his minions to Earth, Master Roshi seized the opportunity to combat evil, albeit in his own comically embarrassing manner. Since the conclusion of the Moro Arc, Roshi has not played a significant role in either the Granolah or Super Hero Arcs. However, considering Dragon Ball Super's history, it is possible that he may make further appearances in the series' future.

Via Dragon Ball Official Website

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