Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Is Coming to Crunchyroll Very Soon

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero took the world by storm upon its theatrical release last year, and now the latest addition to the Dragon Ball franchise will soon grace the screens of Crunchyroll subscribers. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero marked the franchise's triumphant return to the anime scene after a four-year hiatus since the conclusion of the TV series. This film notably showcased Gohan and Piccolo in prominent roles, fighting against a formidable adversary for the first time. Since its premiere, it has emerged as one of the most significant releases in the Dragon Ball series to date.

Exciting news awaits fans as Crunchyroll recently announced that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be available for streaming on their platform starting July 12th. The movie will be presented with both the original Japanese audio and the English dubbed version. With the inclusion of previous Dragon Ball films on Crunchyroll, fans will soon have the opportunity to enjoy all the movies from the franchise in one convenient location. 

How to Watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Under the direction of Tetsuro Kodama at Toei Animation, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero features an original story, screenplay, and new character designs by the renowned creator of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama. Crunchyroll tantalizes fans with a glimpse into the movie, stating, "The legacy of the Red Ribbon Army lives on through the creation of the ultimate androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. These androids have donned the mantle of 'Super Heroes' and set their sights on attacking Piccolo and Gohan... What is the New Red Ribbon Army's true objective? As danger looms closer, the time for the Super Hero to awaken has arrived!"

The Japanese voice cast of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero boasts stellar talent, with Masako Nozawa lending her voice to Gohan, Goku, and Goten. Toshio Furukawa portrays Piccolo, Yuko Minaguchi voices Pan, Ryo Horikawa brings Vegeta to life, Mayumi Tanaka voices Krillin, Aya Hisakawa embodies Bulma, Takeshi Kusao portrays Trunks, Miki Ito lends her voice to Android 18, Bin Shimada takes on the role of Broly, Koichi Yamadera voices Beerus, Masakazu Morita portrays Whis, Hiroshi Kamiya portrays Gamma 1, Mamoru Miyano voices Gamma 2, Miyu Irino embodies Dr. Hedo, Volcano Ota portrays Magenta, and Ryota Takeuchi lends his voice to Carmine.

In the English version, Kyle Hebert voices Gohan, Sean Schemmel voices Goku, Robert McCollum takes on the role of Goten, Jeannie Tirado lends her voice to Pan, Christopher R. Sabat portrays Piccolo and Vegeta, Sonny Strait voices Krillin, Monica Rial brings Bulma to life, Eric Vale takes on the role of Trunks, Meredith McCoy voices Android 18, Johnny Yong Bosch portrays Broly, Jason Douglas voices Beerus, Ian Sinclair lends his voice to Whis, Aleks Le takes on the role of Gamma 1, Zeno Robinson voices Gamma 2, Zach Aguilar portrays Dr. Hedo, Charles Martinet lends his voice to Magenta, and Jason Marnocha brings Carmine to life.

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