Hayao Miyazaki Worried Over Lack of Promotion For Next Ghibli Film


You might not be aware of this, but Studio Ghibli's upcoming movie is set to be released in Japan next month. Titled "How Do You Live?", the film is being touted as the final directorial work of Hayao Miyazaki. Interestingly, Ghibli has taken an unconventional approach by deciding not to release any trailers or promotional material before the film's debut, marking a significant departure from traditional marketing strategies. However, recent developments suggest that Miyazaki may be reconsidering his stance on what could potentially be his last movie.

Regarding the decision to refrain from sharing anything beyond a single poster for "How Do You Live?", Toshio Suzuki, the president of Studio Ghibli, had this to say: "Let's go with just this one poster for the marketing." Consequently, no trailers, TV commercials, or newspaper advertisements will be released. This approach seeks to cater to the latent desires of moviegoers in an era overflowing with information. Suzuki believes that the absence of information can actually be a form of entertainment. While the success of this strategy remains uncertain, he personally believes in it and is determined to pursue this path.

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What Does Hayao Miyazaki Think?

In response to the opening of the Ghibli Exhibition at Warehouse Terrada in Tokyo, Japan, Miyazaki expressed his concerns by stating, "I wonder if it'll be okay without any publicity. I am starting to worry. Mr. Suzuki, I do believe in you, but I can't help but feel concerned."

The highly anticipated film, "How Do You Live?", is scheduled for release in Japan on July 14th, although there is still no confirmation regarding its North American premiere. Given Ghibli's immense popularity and reputation in the realm of anime movies, it wouldn't be surprising if Miyazaki's latest creation eventually reaches Western audiences sometime this year.

Fortunately, as "How Do You Live?" is based on a novel of the same name published in 1937, anime enthusiasts have some understanding of the movie's thematic elements. The official description of the original novel sets the stage by stating, "How Do You Live? begins with the fifteen-year-old protagonist, Copper, who recently experienced the loss of his father. As he gazes over the bustling city of Tokyo, pondering life's existential questions, he becomes curious about the world's population, the diverse lives people lead, and the very nature of human existence itself. The book seamlessly transitions between Copper's personal journey and the insightful journal entries of his uncle, who imparts wisdom and guides Copper in uncovering fundamental truths about the workings of the world."

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