Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Teases Its Second Season Finale


The Witch From Mercury has propelled the Gundam franchise to unprecedented heights, captivating younger audiences who may have otherwise missed out on the mecha series. As the anime adaptation approaches the conclusion of its second season this summer, anticipation builds for the season finale, and the studio behind the latest Mobile Suit Gundam teases fans with captivating new artwork, hinting at what could be Suletta Mercury's ultimate adventure.

While Suletta remains a spirited protagonist amidst the vast Gundam universe, her journey has been anything but lighthearted. Set in a universe where Gundam mech units are outlawed, corporations strive to exert control over the populace throughout the Witch From Mercury series. In the recent anime installment, Suletta finds herself entangled in relentless mech battles, often pulled into them due to circumstances beyond her control. The fusion of weighty subject matter and exhilarating mecha combat throughout the two seasons has undeniably struck a chord with Gundam enthusiasts. However, despite Suletta's immense popularity, the series has yet to confirm a third season, leaving fans eagerly awaiting news of its inevitable continuation.

The Witch From Mercury Finale

The highly anticipated season finale of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury is scheduled to premiere in Japan on July 2nd. Ahead of the climactic conclusion of the second season, a captivating new trailer has been released, providing fans with an enticing glimpse into this impactful installment. Within the trailer, a pressing question emerges: amidst the brutal mech battles, will Suletta and Miorine's relationship endure, or will they part ways?

The success of The Witch From Mercury has not only generated impressive ratings for Bandai Namco but has also transformed the franchise into a merchandising juggernaut for the company. The introduction of the Gundam Aerial in The Witch From Mercury has sent Gunplas (Gundam Plastic Models) soaring to new heights, resulting in a remarkable surge in sales. Although no concrete plans have been announced, there is a strong possibility that Suletta's universe may make a triumphant return in some capacity, further expanding its influence.

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