My Hero Academia Is Ready to Give Toga a Villain Name

The clock is ticking down on My Hero Academia. The series began exploring its final act some time ago, and creator Kohei Horikoshi is keeping the story rolling. From stolen quirks to epic showdowns, this final act has delivered it all, and now Toga is ready to make her mark. After all, the enigmatic character has yet to decide on a villain name, and My Hero Academia is set to give her one at long last.

In the most recent update of My Hero Academia, which just released chapter 392, fans were immersed in an intense encounter where Ochaco and Tsuyu confronted Toga in an ongoing battle. Despite the valiant efforts of the duo, Toga managed to gain the upper hand, leaving them at a disadvantage. The situation appeared grim, as reinforcements seemed futile against Toga's relentless pursuit for bloodshed. As chapter 392 reached its conclusion, My Hero Academia tantalized fans with a teasing revelation about Toga's enigmatic moniker.

The closing panel of the latest chapter offers a poignant flashback, transporting readers back in time as Toga reminisces about her past. In this introspective moment, we witness the late Twice engaging in a conversation with Toga, urging her to consider adopting a villainous alias. He questions why she has never embraced a moniker of her own, which seems peculiar considering the rest of their League comrades, such as Dabi and Spinner, have distinct aliases. Toga, thus far, has remained nameless, setting her apart from her company.

And now, a newfound sense of self-assurance has gripped Toga, propelling her to finally choose a name for herself. In chapter 392, readers accompanied Toga as she vehemently rebelled against society's conformity, scoffing at the heroes' feeble attempts to understand her troubled past. Consumed by a seething desire for revenge, Toga resolved to dismantle the world, fueled by the realization that society's rigid rules had led to the tragic demise of Twice. In this pivotal moment, with the world in chaos and her determination at its zenith, Toga recognized that the time had come to cement her identity with a villainous moniker.

If you haven't caught up with My Hero Academia yet, you can dive into the manga through platforms like Manga Plus and the Shonen Jump app. As for the My Hero Academia anime, the sixth season has recently concluded, and a new season is already in development. You can indulge in the series on streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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