My Hero Academia Unpacks More of Toga's Heartbreaking Past

My Hero Academia is currently shifting its focus to the climactic showdown between Himiko Toga and the heroes, and the latest chapter of the My Hero Academia manga delves deeper into the tragic past of this enigmatic villain. Toga's character stands out among the League of Villains, as her motives and methods differ significantly from her comrades. Driven by love and viewed as a societal menace due to the unique nature of her power, she has been pushed onto her current path by the harsh realities of the world.

Previous glimpses into Toga's past in My Hero Academia have shed light on how her quirk instilled an uncontrollable desire for blood within her. From a tender age, she was labeled a monster by those around her, burdened with an insatiable craving she could not suppress. The most recent chapter of the My Hero Academia manga intensifies this heart-wrenching narrative, revealing that Toga was not only treated as a menace but also abandoned by her parents, who regarded her as a monstrous entity without making any effort to understand her circumstances.

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What Happened in Toga's Past? 

My Hero Academia Chapter 392 resumes the climactic battle between Ochaco Uraraka and Toga, with the villain stubbornly dismissing any attempts by the hero to empathize, convinced that Ochaco has never experienced the kind of life she has endured. A poignant flashback unveils the root of Toga's anguish, highlighting a disturbing incident in her childhood. Toga's parents initially became terrified when they believed she had killed a bird and consumed its blood, only for a young Toga to reveal that the bird had already fallen into their yard.

In an attempt to address what they deemed as her "deviant" behavior, Toga's parents enrolled her in a program meant to rectify her actions. However, rather than fostering understanding, this approach only deepened the divide between Toga and her parents. Their frustration grew as they witnessed Toga's actions, including an incident where it appeared she had harmed a boy she once held affection for. Despite Toga's confusion and longing for someone who shared her struggles, her parents refused to comprehend the underlying reasons behind her behavior. Consequently, they disowned her, deeming her a monstrous being, ultimately forcing Toga to adopt a constant facade of a smiling face, concealing her profound pain.

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