Power Rangers TV Series Departs Production in New Zealand

Ahead of the highly anticipated premiere of the thirtieth season of the main series, the Power Rangers franchise has made a significant decision to relocate its production from New Zealand.

According to a report by 1News, which was shared by an Instagram fan account (@NoSpandex), it has been confirmed that production for Power Rangers is relocating from New Zealand. This decision comes after a successful two-decade run of filming in the country. Over the course of those twenty years, the production is estimated to have contributed over $340 million dollars to the local economy, making the departure a significant loss for many in the area.

 As of now, Hasbro has not provided an official reason for the relocation, although the company did acknowledge the exceptional skills and collaboration of the teams in New Zealand in a statement. Hasbro expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with the immensely talented individuals in the country and emphasized their intention to maintain a close relationship for potential future projects that align with Power Rangers or any other forthcoming entertainment productions.

Power Rangers Turns 30

In 2023, the Power Rangers franchise celebrates a significant milestone of 30 years, coinciding with the launch of the 30th season of its flagship series, Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. Serving as the third season of Power Rangers Dino Fury, this upcoming installment holds a special distinction, as it marks the first time a particular lineup has been granted a third season since the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debuted back in 1993. A notable landmark for Cosmic Fury lies in Hunter Deno's portrayal of Amelia Jones, who transitions from her Pink Ranger persona to become the franchise's first full-time female Red Ranger.

In addition to the highly anticipated premiere of Cosmic Fury, 2023 witnessed a reunion of original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cast members alongside their successors from various seasons on Netflix's Power Rangers: Once & Always. This special event united familiar faces like David Yost's Billy Cranston and Walter Emanual Jones' Zack Taylor, who joined forces to combat the return of Rita Repulsa in an all-new mechanized form. Following the release of the special, Yost expressed his optimism for further adventures within the Morphin Grid, stating, "Hopefully because of the hype, it goes well and we'll continue and maybe do more."

September 2022 brought forth leaked updates on the expansive Power Rangers franchise, particularly regarding Netflix's upcoming reboot spearheaded by Jenny Klein and Jonathan Entwistle, the creator/director of End of the F***ing World. The leak revealed Netflix's plans for an upcoming feature film, followed by a series featuring an entirely new team of Rangers portrayed by the film's cast. Notably, both the film and series are expected to have a more mature tone, aligning with the adult-oriented approach seen in BOOM! Studios' ongoing Power Rangers comic book universe.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury is scheduled for a 2023 premiere on Netflix.

Source: 1News (via Instagram)

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