Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Shares Final Trailer, Poster Ahead of Debut



Rent-a-Girlfriend, one of the many anime franchises returning for new episodes this summer, has released its final trailer and poster for Season 3, offering fans a last glimpse before its highly anticipated debut. The previous season of Rent-a-Girlfriend ended on an intriguing cliffhanger for Kazuya and Chizuru, leaving viewers eager to see how the story unfolds. The new season is set to premiere in just a little over a week from the time of this writing, adding to the excitement surrounding the Summer 2023 anime lineup. Before the release, there is still much to unveil.


As part of the upcoming wave of anime releases for the Summer 2023 schedule, Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 is scheduled to debut in early July. The series is gearing up for the new episodes with a final trailer (which you can watch in the video above) and a new poster that commemorates its upcoming premiere. This trailer and poster provide the most comprehensive preview yet of the upcoming season, building anticipation among fans. Take a look at the final poster for Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 below:

Where to Watch Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3:


Rent-a-Girlfriend has officially confirmed that Season 3 will be available for streaming on Crunchyroll alongside its release in Japan when it premieres on July 7th. In case you need a quick recap on Kazuya and the numerous women now in his life, you can catch up with the first two seasons now streaming on Crunchyroll. As for what to anticipate from the anime, Crunchyroll offers a tantalizing glimpse into Rent-a-Girlfriend's storyline:

"Kinoshita Kazuya, a 20-year-old college student, finds himself struggling in various aspects of life. Despite sharing a fleeting kiss with his former girlfriend, she abruptly ends their relationship after merely a month. Overwhelmed with frustration, Kazuya devises a unique approach to dating. He visits a designated meeting spot and unexpectedly hears the words, 'You're Kazuya-kun, right?' A stunning girl with flowing black hair, elegantly tucking it behind her ear, stands before him, wearing a warm smile. Her name is Mizuhara Chizuru. From this seemingly trivial rental encounter, something genuine begins to blossom! Brace yourself for a whirlwind romantic comedy filled with love and excitement!"

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