The Newfound Importance of Demon Slayer's Marks After Season 3


Demon Slayer's third anime season, the Swordsmith Village story arc, introduced exciting advancements to the series' combat systems. Notably, Genya showcased his mastery of unique combat maneuvers, incorporating his half-other abilities. Additionally, Gyokko mesmerized viewers with his aquatic fighting style, employing vase-themed attacks that proved both intriguing and formidable. The arc also unveiled two more demon slayer marks, which hold the key to defeating the powerful Upper Moons. However, obtaining these marks is no simple task.

Previously, our beloved protagonist Tanjiro Kamado awakened his demon slayer mark on his forehead, prompting various characters within the Demon Slayer corps to comment on this remarkable development. Now, the compassionate and enigmatic Hashiras, Mitsuri and Muichiro, have also awakened their respective marks. This newfound power will undoubtedly revolutionize the demon slayer corps' approach to combating Muzan's remaining minions in the upcoming battles. Nevertheless, navigating the complexities that accompany these newfound abilities will present its own set of challenges.

The True Nature Of Demon Slayer Marks:

Demon slayer marks serve as physical manifestations on a demon slayer's body, serving as undeniable proof of unlocking extraordinary powers that push them far beyond their normal limits. These marks vary in appearance, adapting to the slayer's specific breathing style, but all bear resemblance to birthmarks and emerge on visible areas like the face, neck, or near the collarbone. While reminiscent of the supernatural marks found on demons, such as Nezuko Kamado's full-body marks during her berserker state, these demon slayer marks lack any connection to demonic powers. They do, however, grant the slayers the necessary strength to rival or even surpass most demons.

The emergence of a demon slayer mark follows a moment of extreme distress where the slayer's very survival hangs in the balance. Muichiro Tokito, the Mist Hashira, recognized this fact during his intense battle against Gyokko. Nearly submerged in Gyokko's water-themed onslaught, Muichiro endured despite his body's agony. His heartbeat raced beyond 200 beats per minute, and his body temperature soared feverishly. Subsequently, a mark materialized on Muichiro's cheeks, gifting him the strength required to effortlessly vanquish Gyokko's ultimate form. Similarly, the Love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji, awakened her own mark to level the playing field against Hantengu's formidable youthful form.

In the grand scheme, demon slayer marks represent a quintessential shonen-style power-up within the world of Demon Slayer. They offer a more straightforward approach compared to the intricate breathing styles such as water breathing or Hinokami Kagura. These marks essentially enable demon slayers to transcend their limits, akin to going Super Saiyan. Given the daunting strength of the Upper Moons and the perpetual desperation of the demon slayer corps, these marks are precisely what they require to confront Muzan and the three remaining Upper Moons in the forthcoming battles. While their emergence may seem somewhat convenient and formulaic, mastering the true potential of these marks will prove to be the genuine challenge that the Hashira are already preparing for. 

The Hashira Must Train All Over Again To Harness Their Demon Slayer Marks:

Thus far, even the esteemed Hashira have struggled to secure decisive victories against the formidable Upper Moons, often prevailing only by a hair's breadth or, in some cases, facing tragic outcomes. Kyojuro Rengoku fell at the hands of Akaza, and Tengen Uzui sustained injuries that forced him into retirement following his intense battle against Gyutaro, the Upper Moon 6. Mitsuri Kanroji's life hung in the balance until Tanjiro stepped in to vanquish Hantengu's main body in the nick of time. While Muichiro endured a relatively easier encounter, his fight against Gyokko still tested him gravely and brought him perilously close to death. The demon king Muzan Kibutsuji and the remaining three Upper Moons wield even greater power, leaving only seven Hashira to face these daunting adversaries. In order to confront this imminent threat, the Hashira must once again assume the role of students, setting aside their positions as masters and immersing themselves in intensive training. Regardless of their Hashira status, they, like all humans, possess the potential for growth and improvement.

Demon slayer marks emerge as the final avenue for the elite Hashira to amplify their abilities and elevate their combat prowess before facing the ultimate quartet of villains in upcoming seasons and movies of Demon Slayer. Their swordsmanship skills have already reached impressive heights, prompting the Hashira to focus on unlocking the true potential of their marks. However, this endeavor proves challenging even for them. Mitsuri, Muichiro, and even Tanjiro Kamado awakened their marks through life-or-death situations, born out of desperate survival instincts. Replicating such extreme circumstances outside of battle proves arduous. While the Hashira may potentially awaken their marks during their encounters with Akaza, Doma, and Kokushibo, there is no guarantee that it will occur in time to ensure victory. Thus, the Hashira must strive to not only awaken but also master the ability to summon their marks at will.

This development is poised to become a significant plot point in Season 4 and beyond, introducing new and captivating possibilities to the narrative of Demon Slayer. Although the "training to unlock new powers" trope may be familiar, witnessing the mighty Hashira humbling themselves and reverting to the role of students promises an engaging spectacle. Through their journey of mark training, these formidable warriors will likely reveal not only their prowess as fighters but also their inner selves. How they respond to the trials and tribulations of mark training will add depth and complexity to their characters. Mitsuri and Muichiro enjoy a head start in this endeavor, potentially positioning them as vital assets within the demon slayer corps during this critical period.

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