Actress Breaks Silence on Rumors She Is in GTA 6

As a result of the extensive GTA 6 leak and various reports surrounding the game, it has become known that GTA 6 will feature two protagonists, one male and one female. The female character, named Lucia, has been subject to rumors regarding the actress playing the role. Leslie Lluvet has been linked to the character, primarily due to her portrayal of Zenia in Far Cry 6, which is her only credited role in video games thus far.

The origins of these rumors are unclear, but they have led to Lluvet being inundated with messages from fans speculating about her involvement in GTA 6. In response, Lluvet took to her personal Instagram account to debunk the rumors and clarify that she is not portraying Lucia. She also expressed frustration at being repeatedly messaged about a game she has no connection to.

"I'm receiving an overwhelming number of messages about the new Grand Theft Auto game. I am not Lucia, y'all," stated the actress. "I'm Zenia from Far Cry 6. Please stop messaging me about it, people. Lol."

Leslie Lluvet is not Lucia.
by u/mrstupud in GTA6

As of now, the identity of the actress playing Lucia in GTA 6 remains unknown. Rockstar Games has a history of casting relatively unknown actors and actresses for their projects, so it is possible that the individual playing Lucia is not a well-known name and may be difficult to discover. It is important to note that the person in the role of Lucia, if already cast, is likely bound by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and would not be able to comment on their involvement. Fans hoping to learn more about the actress playing Lucia can only rely on the slim possibility of accidental leaks or slips of information, as official announcements or confirmations are not expected until Rockstar Games decides to share further details.


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