American Horror Story Season 12 Still Planning 2023 Premiere Despite Strikes

Despite the ongoing Writers Guild Strike causing production and release delays for many television series, Season 12 of American Horror Story seems to be unaffected. According to a recent report from Variety, the highly anticipated installment of the beloved horror anthology series, titled American Horror Story: Delicate, remains on track for a later this year premiere. The production for the season, along with two other Ryan Murphy-produced series, American Horror Stories Season 3 and American Sports Story, continues in the New York and New Jersey area.

Variety's report also states that another FX series, Justified: City Primeval, is set to premiere as scheduled on July 18th, while the production of Season 2 of The Old Man has faced delays. However, a confirmed release date for American Horror Story: Delicate has yet to be announced.

In a departure from previous seasons, Season 12 of American Horror Story will be based on specific source material. It draws inspiration from Danielle Valentine's upcoming novel, Delicate Condition, slated for publication on August 1st. The novel is a thrilling tale about a woman who becomes convinced that a malevolent figure is going to extreme lengths to prevent her pregnancy, despite the disbelief of the men in her life. In April, it was revealed that Kim Kardashian will star in the season alongside Emma Roberts, Cara Delevingne, Michaela Jae Rodriguez, and Matt Czuchry. Showrunner duties will be handled by Halley Feiffer.

Zachary Quinto Will Return to American Horror Story in Season 12

Zachary Quinto, a familiar face from previous seasons of American Horror Story, recently confirmed his involvement in Delicate, the upcoming season. Quinto shared that he will be making a guest cameo appearance, marking his fourth appearance in the overall series. His last appearance was in Season 11, titled American Horror Story: NYC. Quinto also expressed his admiration for Kim Kardashian, who is set to star in the season.

"I had the opportunity to do a cameo in this season of American Horror Story, and I had the chance to meet her," Quinto shared. "She was incredibly kind and warm-hearted, and honestly, I don't think she needs any advice from me."

He continued, "She seemed to be in her element, and I was genuinely impressed by her spirit and her willingness to embrace the role. I'm really excited to see this season because I believe she's going to deliver a fantastic performance."

Kim Kardashian Hired an Acting Coach to Prepare for Her American Horror Story Role

During the Met Gala in May, Kim Kardashian made a revelation on the red carpet that she had enrolled in acting lessons to prepare for her role in American Horror Story. Kardashian expressed her enthusiasm for stepping beyond her comfort zone and embracing the new opportunity.

"We're going to start shooting my scenes at the end of this month, but production has already commenced, and I'm thrilled," Kardashian shared. "Exploring something different and evolving outside of one's comfort zone is incredibly enjoyable. I'm eagerly looking forward to this experience."

When specifically asked about her acting lessons, Kardashian confirmed her dedication to the craft.

"Yes, absolutely," she responded. "It's a challenge, and I enjoy challenging myself."

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