Anime Critics Round Up the Best Anime of 2023 So Far

It's hard to believe that we're already halfway through 2023. As summer vacation continues, people around the world are reflecting on what this year has brought so far. For anime enthusiasts, this means looking back at a multitude of great shows, and now Japan's biggest review site has released its ranking of the best series of 2023.

Well, the best of the year so far, that is. While there's still a busy fall season ahead, critics have been weighing in on this year's anime offerings.

Filmarks, a popular Japanese review site, recently unveiled its list of the top anime of 2023 up to this point. The ranking included a mix of familiar titles, both new and returning, as assessed by critics. However, if you expected Oshi no Ko to claim the first spot, you might be in for a surprise!

According to the list, Skip and Loafer secured the top position, captivating audiences with its romantic comedy storyline. Coming in second place was Golden Kamuy season four, surpassing Oshi no Ko. Heavenly Delusion claimed the fourth spot, while Tsurune season two secured fifth place. The remaining spots in the top ten were filled by Vinland Saga season two, Bungo Stray Dogs season four, Demon Slayer season three, Dr. Stone: New World, and lastly, The Dangers in My Heart.

These rankings may come as a surprise to some, as anime fandoms vary across the globe. While Oshi no Ko and Vinland Saga earned high praise from critics, other shows resonated more strongly elsewhere. Golden Kamuy continued to impress Japanese audiences with its historical perspective, and newer shows like Heavenly Delusion captivated fans with their unconventional plotlines. If you've been undecided about watching any of these top-ranked shows, we highly recommend you binge-watch them as soon as possible!

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