Apex Legends Teaser Hints at Storm Point Event

A brewing storm seems to be on the horizon in Apex Legends, as indicated by a series of official and unofficial teasers that have been shared in recent weeks. The most recent teaser, released this week, provides more direct hints about an upcoming weather-related event. Respawn Entertainment has yet to reveal the exact start date for this event, but data mining efforts have shed light on its anticipated progression and commencement.

On Thursday, the Apex Legends Twitter account posted an image featuring a display at Storm Point, warning of an impending weather event. Notably, the screen indicates that the threat level for this weather event is currently labeled as "Standard." This suggests that the Storm Point event might unfold gradually, with the storms intensifying over time, rather than being a one-time occurrence that remains static throughout the season.


Storm Point serves as a "long-forgotten IMC research base" in Apex Legends, featuring various points of interest tied to weather-related elements, including Lightning Rod, Gale Station, Storm Catcher, and Thunder Watch. Considering that the map was introduced back in Season 11, it is not unreasonable to assume that a storm event is overdue. This week's teaser provides clearer indications of what is to come, but it is not the first time that players have heard about such an event being planned.

During the mid-season map updates in June, players noticed changes in the sky above Storm Point. Additionally, data mining efforts suggested the arrival of a weather event, hinting at Respawn Entertainment's preparations for something significant to take place on the map.


The exact timing of the weather event in Apex Legends has not been officially confirmed by Respawn Entertainment. However, based on datamining efforts and information from Apex dataminer KralRindo, it is suggested that the event will commence on July 14th, with subsequent stages of progress scheduled for the following weeks.

While Respawn has not provided any official statements beyond the teaser mentioned earlier, players should keep a close watch on the skies of Storm Point to witness the unfolding of the event and discover what lies ahead.

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