ATEEZ Thinks Its Time Marvel Gave Us an Anime (Exclusive)


Ateez has been making waves in the music industry lately, and it's no surprise why. The K-pop group recently made a highly-anticipated comeback with their latest track "Bouncy," which has been gaining a massive following among fans worldwide. In an exclusive interview with ComicBook, the members of Ateez delved into their geeky passions, expressing their hopes for Marvel to produce an anime series for fans to binge on.

During the interview, Mingi, the group's rapper, was asked to share his thoughts on which Marvel hero would be best suited for an anime adaptation. Mingi enthusiastically suggested Hawkeye as a captivating choice for an anime series.

"I think it'd be interesting to see an anime adaptation with a more realistic character from the Marvel series as a hero," the artist shared.

Ateez has shown great enthusiasm for collaborating on future anime projects. In 2022, the K-pop group made a significant impact on the global stage with their involvement in the anime series Lookism. They not only performed the show's theme song, "Like That," but have also ventured into working on other anime series such as Duel Masters WIN. Their contributions to the anime world have been well-received by fans worldwide.

"We always have the mindset and heart that if given the chance, we would be so honored and work hard for these opportunities," vocalist Choi Jongho shared. Naturally, fans are eager to see Ateez take on even more anime series, as their previous collaborations have been met with great enthusiasm. With their successful involvement in the anime Lookism and their work on the Duel Masters WIN series, Ateez has captivated the hearts of fans worldwide. There is no doubt that fans would be thrilled to see Ateez dive into more anime projects in the future.

Currently, the members of Ateez are fully immersed in their latest round of promotions. Their newest track, "Bouncy," has recently made its debut and its official music video has already garnered over 40 million views. Regarded as one of the leaders of the fourth generation of K-pop, Ateez continues to captivate fans with their electrifying performances and global concerts. With their impressive presence in the industry, there is even hope that Marvel may approach Ateez for potential collaborations, whether it be for an anime project or otherwise. In the meantime, fans can enjoy streaming Ateez's latest release, THE WORLD EP.2: OUTLAW, on popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

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