Attack on Titan Creator Explains Why Reiner Is Their Favorite Character


In Attack on Titan's final season, both heroes and villains have undergone significant transformations. With Eren Jaeger now portrayed as the primary antagonist in Season 4, characters like Reiner, Annie, and Pieck have aligned themselves with the Scout Regiment to save the world from the new Founding Titan and his army of Colossal Titans. In a recent interview with series creator Hajime Isayama, the mangaka reveals that the Armored Titan holds a special place as his favorite character in the series.

The revelation of Reiner and Bertholdt as the Armored Titan and Colossal Titan, respectively, remains one of the most shocking moments in Attack on Titan. Isayama highlights this major twist as his favorite moment in the series. During this pivotal revelation, Reiner experiences the immense burden of the tasks he must carry out for Marley, ultimately disclosing his true identity to Eren Jaeger in Season 2 of the anime adaptation. While Reiner and Bertholdt ultimately fail to deliver the Attack Titan to Marley, they return with a vengeance in Season 3, aiming to capture Eren and bring destruction to Paradis Island. Despite the Armored Titan's involvement in heinous acts, his recent collaboration with the Survey Corps demonstrates the complex nature of his character.

Hajime Isayama's Favorite Soldier

During a recent interview as part of the K Manga Launch Party, Isayama initially expresses that Jean is his favorite character before swiftly changing his mind and confirming that Reiner holds the top spot. In the penultimate episode of Attack on Titan, viewers witnessed Reiner waste no time in confronting both Eren and Zeke Jaeger head-on. As the final episode of the anime adaptation approaches this fall, it's clear that no one is safe, and the stakes have never been higher.

Here are Isayama's precise words expressing his admiration for Reiner and explaining why the character remains one of the creator's favorites: "I'd have to say Jean. No, it's Reiner. He's someone I put a lot of thought into creating. He turned out completely different from what I expected. I really enjoyed drawing him."

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