Attack on Titan Star Wraps Eren's Work on Anime's Final Episode


Yūki Kaji has been a vital figure in Attack on Titan's anime for over a decade, playing a pivotal role in bringing the former protagonist, Eren Jaeger, to life. Throughout the series, Kaji has portrayed Eren with a nuanced approach, and this dynamic changed significantly in the final season. While fans eagerly await the exact release date of the concluding episode this fall, it appears that Kaji's journey with Attack on Titan has reached its conclusion.

Initially, Eren Jaeger played a crucial part in the Scout Regiment, discovering his incredible power as the Attack Titan in the first season. As the story progressed through the second and third seasons, Eren and his comrades delved deeper into their world's secrets and the menacing Titans that threatened their existence. When Season 4 of Attack on Titan arrived, we were introduced to an older and vastly transformed version of Eren. In a shocking turn of events, Eren launched a devastating assault on Marley, resulting in the loss of countless lives. The penultimate episode of the series witnessed Eren unleashing the cataclysmic power of the Rumbling, annihilating a significant portion of the world's population. In the final installment, Eren will face his former friends as the Survey Corps endeavors to save a world that despises and fears them.

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Goodbye Eren Jaeger

According to a recent report, it has been officially announced that Yuki Kaji has completed the pre-recording of dialogue for the highly anticipated grand finale of Attack on Titan. In this climactic conclusion, Eren Jaeger's confrontation with his former comrades promises to be one of the most monumental battles in the entire series, putting Kaji's exceptional voice-acting skills to the ultimate test. While avoiding any spoilers, it's evident that Kaji's portrayal of Eren will leave a lasting impact on fans. Fortunately, despite the conclusion of Attack on Titan, Kaji has established a remarkable career with notable roles in other anime series such as The Seven Deadly Sins, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, One Piece, Demon Slayer, and My Hero Academia, among many others.


Eren's transformation from protagonist to antagonist introduced a significant twist for dedicated anime enthusiasts who have followed the rich history of Attack on Titan. With series creator Hajime Isayama confirming that there are no plans for additional sequels or spin-offs in the brutal anime franchise, it is unlikely that we will witness Jaeger's return to the anime/manga realm. Nonetheless, Eren will undoubtedly remain an iconic anime character in the hearts of fans.

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