Baki Hanma Reveals Opening For Season 2


One of the most intense and peculiar fighting anime series is set to make its highly anticipated return on Netflix this summer. Baki Hanma Season 2 is scheduled to kick off later this month, and the newly released opening sequence gives fans a glimpse of the epic showdown that will mark a new chapter in the life of Yujiro Hanma's son. Introducing the hilariously named "Pickle," a prehistoric caveman who is poised to become Baki's most formidable opponent to date, surpassing even his formidable father.

Baki Hanma's second season will premiere on Netflix on July 26th, centering around the discovery of an ancient caveman whose extraordinary power stems from battling dinosaurs in the distant past. Despite not being a martial arts expert, Pickle's sheer strength and incredible speed make him an unstoppable force. Following this primordial clash, the long-awaited rematch between Baki and his father, Yujiro Hanma, will unfold in the second half of the season, slated for release on August 24th. Throughout the franchise, Baki has relentlessly strived to surpass his father's strength, but even now, defeating the formidable Ogre seems nearly impossible given Yujiro's history of astounding feats.

Baki Hanma Season 2 Opening

As the series makes its highly anticipated return later this month, Baki won't be the sole contender eager to face off against the skilled caveman. Numerous fighters will step up to test their abilities against Pickle, whose name conceals the lethal power possessed by this ancient brawler. If the manga is any indication, this arc promises to be one of the most unconventional storylines ever animated within the fighting franchise.

Baki The Grappler originally debuted as a manga series in 1991, courtesy of creator Keisuke Itagaki. From its very first chapter, the series has been under the careful stewardship of the mangaka who crafted this intricate world. Recently, the series concluded its latest arc, featuring Baki Hanma's epic confrontation with one of the most legendary sumo wrestlers of all time. However, it appears that the franchise is far from slowing down. While the anime has yet to confirm the production of a third season, there remains a wealth of source material from the manga waiting to be adapted for the small screen.

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