Berserk Announces Summer Hiatus

The anime world mourned the loss of one of the industry's greatest artists when Kentaro Miura, the creator of Berserk, tragically passed away. For nearly a year, fans of the brutal manga series believed that the tale of Guts and the Band of the Hawk had come to an untimely end. However, thanks to the efforts of Miura's friends, Kouji Mori and the writers at Studio Gaga, who worked with the notes left behind by the creator, the manga would continue. Unfortunately, followers of Berserk will have to wait a little longer for the next installment as Young Animal has announced a hiatus.

When we last witnessed the journey of the Black Swordsman, Guts was grappling with the devastating realization that he had once again lost Casca, the love of his life. Although she may still be alive, Casca had been abducted by Griffith, the main antagonist of the series and Guts' long-standing nemesis. Throughout Guts' tumultuous life, his sword had been a reliable tool for cutting through the adversities he encountered. However, the situation might no longer be as straightforward. As Guts and his allies find themselves under attack once again following the destruction of Elfhelm, the previous chapter concluded with a gripping cliffhanger.

Berksek Hiatus

The upcoming issue of Young Animal, the publication that regularly releases the latest chapters of Berserk, is scheduled to be available on Japanese newsstands starting July 28th. However, regrettably, the next installment of Berserk will not be featured in this issue, and there is currently no confirmed release date for the next chapter. As Kentaro Miura's friends and collaborators continue their work to give the Band of the Hawk the ending that has been meticulously planned for decades, fans are left to wonder how Berserk will ultimately conclude.

At present, there has been no announcement regarding a new anime adaptation of Berserk. Following the release of Berserk: Memorial Edition, the franchise has remained relatively silent about its presence in the animated realm. Given that there are still numerous battles and events in the manga that have yet to receive an anime adaptation, it seems only a matter of time before Guts returns to the small screen in an animated series.

Fans eagerly await any news regarding the future of Berserk, be it through the continuation of the manga or the potential resurgence of the anime adaptation. The enduring popularity and influence of Berserk ensure that its dedicated fanbase will continue to speculate and anticipate the next chapters of Guts' epic saga.

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