Black Clover Leaves Fans Stunned as Asta's Squad Begins Suicide Run

Black Clover continues to navigate the intense Judgment Day war for the future of the Clover Kingdom in its latest chapter. Fans of the Black Clover manga were left stunned as the newest chapter unveiled the Black Bulls squad's most audacious and potentially life-threatening attack yet. The ongoing final arc of Yuki Tabata's Black Clover manga has already witnessed the demise of beloved characters, as Lucius Zogratis' Paladins have proven to be formidable opponents surpassing the expectations of the Magic Knights. Compounding the challenges, Asta has yet to join the battle.

Black Clover has been building up to Asta's long-awaited return, which will come through a challenging ritual that the Black Bulls must execute at any cost. In the previous chapter, Damnatio Kira, a Paladin, launched an assault on the Witches Forest with the intention of thwarting the ritual. In response, the Black Bulls have taken a stand, aiming to stop Damnatio and pave the way for Asta's arrival through the Door of Fate. However, as the latest chapter concludes, it becomes evident that not all members of the Black Bulls will survive this perilous endeavor.

Black Clover: Will the Black Bulls Die? 

Black Clover Chapter 364 begins with a flashback revealing how Nacht Faust recognizes the significance of Asta, despite the bleak future predictions. Lucius' desperate attempt to eliminate Asta highlights his importance. Though the Black Bulls are aware of the immense power possessed by their Paladin adversary, surpassing that of a Supreme Devil, they remain determined to ensure the success of the Door of Fate and Asta's return to the battlefield from the Land of the Sun.

Unfortunately, Damnatio proves to be overwhelmingly formidable, effortlessly overpowering the Black Bulls' valiant efforts with his newly enhanced magic. Each member of the squad sustains severe injuries, appearing bloodied and on the verge of defeat as the Black Clover chapter concludes. However, they remain far from defeated, standing resolutely and preparing for what may be their final attack with the remnants of their strength. The outcome hinges on their ability to persevere.

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