Bloodborne Video Shows Game Running at 60 FPS on PS5


A remarkable achievement has been accomplished as someone managed to achieve 60 FPS on PlayStation 5 while running Bloodborne. The "Soulsborne" genre has gained immense prominence in recent years, renowned for its daunting difficulty and immensely gratifying gameplay. The genre's origins can largely be traced back to the Dark Souls games, which inspired a wave of imitators from other studios as well as notable successors from FromSoftware, the renowned team synonymous with this genre. Among the most acclaimed titles within the genre is Bloodborne, a profoundly grim and gothic masterpiece that stands as one of the PS4's finest exclusives. While many beloved PS4 games have made their way to PS5 and PC, fans have eagerly awaited news of Bloodborne's departure from its original console, yet such an announcement has yet to materialize.

However, a recent glimpse has sparked excitement among fans. A captivating video showcases Bloodborne running at a smooth 60 FPS on PlayStation 5. Although Bloodborne is playable on PS5 through backward compatibility, the performance largely remains unchanged, still locked at 30 FPS. Fans yearn to witness the game in all its silky smooth glory. At present, there is no concrete information regarding a potential PC or native PS5 release for Bloodborne. Nevertheless, Lance McDonald, a devoted Bloodborne enthusiast, shared a video featuring a modded version of the game that allows him to experience it at 60 FPS on PS5. Witnessing this achievement is truly a dream come true, offering a tantalizing glimpse of the visual splendor and fluidity that FromSoftware's masterpiece could achieve if given the opportunity.

Perhaps, in due time, our pleas will be heard by FromSoftware or Sony, but it appears that we may have to exercise patience. Speculation regarding a PC port of Bloodborne has persisted for years, yet tangible evidence remains elusive. Nonetheless, we can find solace in the fact that FromSoftware continues to deliver exceptional games within this genre, ensuring that we can still relish their offerings of uncompromising quality.

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