Bones Creator Reveals Revival Talks Among Cast, Crew


To this day, Bones holds the distinction of being the longest-running scripted drama series in the history of FOX television. The procedural captivated audiences for 12 seasons and aired over 240 episodes, leaving fans eagerly anticipating a potential return in the future. Speculation and hopes for more Bones content featuring the beloved duo, David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, have remained at the forefront. Recently, the show's creator, Hart Hanson, hinted that an official revival may not be out of the question.

During a series reunion at a WGA picket line, Hart Hanson caught up with Variety alongside the cast and crew. He revealed that although there are no concrete plans for a formal Bones revival, the team behind the show maintains regular communication. Discussions have taken place about the possibility of reuniting and it appears that there is genuine potential for it to happen.

"We stay in touch with one another," Hanson remarked. "Everyone from Bones is in constant communication. At different times, we catch up and inquire about each other's activities and availability."

"The situation has become more complicated because Bones was originally broadcasted by Fox, but Disney has now acquired 20th, making them the owners of the show," he continued. "Determining who owns what and which platform it would be shown on would require numerous agents and lawyers. Nevertheless, we continue to have conversations. Occasionally, we all indulge in nostalgia and entertain the thought of 'Maybe we should do it again.' Who knows? Perhaps this will serve as a catalyst for us."

Hanson further emphasized that the key element for a successful Bones revival would be the commitment of both Boreanaz and Deschanel. If the two stars of the series are not interested in returning, then the revival would not be possible.

"The work environment was filled with joy," Hanson added. "I could sense it. I could truly sense it. However, everything hinges on David and Emily. Without their participation, it's a no-go."

"We have received indications that they are not unwilling to consider it, which is a positive step," the creator continued. "The actors will always speak the truth, and it depends on various factors: the quality of the scripts, the overall concept, and if it feels right. They won't commit to something solely because of our history."

Lucifer's Bones "Reboot"

During its concluding season, the FOX-turned-Netflix show Lucifer playfully teased Bones. Within the series, an angel from the future arrived and boldly declared, "Our rendition of Bones surpasses yours by leaps and bounds." This version, dubbed More Bones, showcased Booth and Brennan's daughter as a cyborg who teamed up with an android to solve crimes.

Regrettably, this humorous reference in Lucifer remains the closest we have come to a genuine reboot or revival of Bones since its conclusion in 2017.

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