Chainsaw Man: Denji Struggles With New Status Quo


In recent chapters of Chainsaw Man, the story has taken a surprising turn, shifting the focus from Denji, the previous protagonist, to the emergence of a new lead character, Asa Mikata. Like Denji, Asa is a high school student, but her devil abilities diverge significantly from those of the Chainsaw Devil. Recent developments have left Denji grappling with the harsh reality that he may never reclaim his role as the Chainsaw Man, leading to a tumultuous period as the manga delves into intriguing new revelations.

Warning: If you haven't read Chainsaw Man's latest chapter, Chapter 134, be prepared for potential spoilers as we delve into the details. In the previous intense chapter of this blood-soaked shonen tale, Denji received disheartening news regarding the government's view of his actions as the Chainsaw Devil. The immense destruction caused during his battles against Devils, coupled with the rise of a new religious movement called the "Chainsaw Man Church" dedicated to him, drew the government's attention. They perceived the church as a potential threat, prompting them to enlist the services of the young devil hunter Yoshida to assert their authority. Yoshida warned Denji that if he were to transform into Chainsaw Man again, Nayuta's life would be in grave danger. This revelation seems to have deeply impacted Denji, leading him to contemplate refraining from using his powers.

While watching television, Denji is left in utter disbelief upon discovering that the church has its own rendition of Chainsaw Man—a mysterious figure who bears a striking resemblance to the one who rescued Denji and Asa from the Falling Devil's clutches. This imposter Chainsaw Man claims to be working towards creating a "devil-less world," causing Denji to spiral into a state of shock and distress.

"I never had any such intentions! I don't fight for any cause! I've died countless times, and suddenly... people started calling me Chainsaw Man on their own! Your guy isn't the real Chainsaw Man! I embody the essence of Chainsaw Man even more than he does!"

Though Denji has experienced growth since the series' inception, encountering losses and confronting daunting challenges, it becomes evident that he still has much maturing to do. Fortunately, Chainsaw Man finds solace in the fact that Nayuta appears to possess a more composed demeanor in the face of this new trial.

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