Classic Twisted Metal Games Return on PS5 and PS4 Before TV Series Release

Prior to the upcoming release of the Twisted Metal TV series on Peacock at the end of this month, PlayStation is bringing back the two original entries in the video game series on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Initially launched on the PS1 in 1995, the original Twisted Metal quickly gained popularity among fans and was followed by a sequel in 1996. However, in recent years, these classic Twisted Metal games have become increasingly difficult to access on newer platforms, making it challenging for players to revisit them. Thankfully, Sony is now addressing this issue with their upcoming release.

Announced on the PlayStation Blog today, both Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal 2 are set to be re-released next week on July 18 for PS5 and PS4. These games will be made available to PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers as part of the subscription's lineup of "Classics." However, for those who do not wish to subscribe to PS Plus, both games will also be available for individual purchase.

While it's exciting to have the first two Twisted Metal games back on modern PlayStation consoles, Sony's plans for the series in the future remain uncertain. Rumors and reports have been circulating about a new Twisted Metal game being developed within PlayStation, but Sony has yet to confirm these speculations. Considering that the franchise has been dormant since 2012, it would make sense for a new installment to be in the works, especially with the upcoming TV series on Peacock, set to release on July 27. This series could potentially attract a new generation of Twisted Metal fans who would be eager to experience a new game in the franchise.

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