Comic-Con Panels for Gen V, Wheel of Time, and More Cancelled Due to Actors' Strike

San Diego Comic-Con is set to commence later this month, but this year's event is expected to look a lot different. Due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike since May and the impending strike by the actors union SAG-AFTRA starting this weekend, fans have been curious to see how the programming will be affected. Although Comic-Con International released a schedule for San Diego Comic-Con earlier this month, it seems that the SAG-AFTRA strike has already caused some modifications. On Thursday night, several panel listings on San Diego Comic-Con's website were marked as canceled, including high-profile panels for shows like Gen V, a spinoff of The Boys, Orphan Black: Echoes, a spinoff of Orphan Black, and The Wheel of Time. Here is the current list of panels that have been canceled.

Thursday, July 20

• The Wheel of Time -- 2:00pm, Ballroom 20

• An Insider Look at Cruel Summer Season 2 -- 3:00pm, Indigo Ballroom

• Sesame Street Muppets Live! -- 5:30pm, Room 6A

• Major Wrestling Figure Podcast -- 6:00pm, Grand 12 & 13

Friday, July 21

• Spotlight on Jo Duffy -- 11:00am, Room 29AB

• Gen V -- 4:15pm, Ballroom 20

• New Rockstars (YouTube) -- 8:00pm, Room 6DE

Saturday, July 22

• That '70s Show 25th Anniversary -- 10:00am, Indigo Ballroom

• Orphan Black: Echoes -- 12:30pm, Room 6A

• Sid & Marty Krofft -- 1:00pm, Room 23ABC

• Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire Season 2 -- 3:45pm, Ballroom 20

Sunday, July 23

• Lights! Before Camera and Action -- 11:00am, Room 7AB

• Sesame Street Special Premiere -- 11:30am, Room 6BCF

Will the SAG-AFTRA Strike Impact Comic-Con?

Under the existing guidelines, SAG-AFTRA members on strike are urged to refrain from participating in ongoing film or television productions, resulting in the shutdown of nearly all projects that were still filming amidst the WGA strike. Additionally, members are instructed not to engage in the promotion of upcoming or past projects, advocate for Emmy or other acting awards, or attend the San Diego Comic-Con convention later this month. These directives are the reasons behind the cancellation of certain panels at the event.

Why Are SAG-AFTRA Going on Strike?

In a statement tied to the announcement, representatives from SAG-AFTRA disclosed that the strike is commencing after four weeks of negotiations with the AMPTP, along with a negotiation extension that lasted from June 30th to July 12th. In May, SAG-AFTRA's national board unanimously agreed to conduct an authorization vote among its members, with 97.91 percent ultimately voting in favor of authorization.

"Yesterday, our union celebrated the 90th anniversary of the incorporation of Screen Actors Guild," stated Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator, during a press conference. "Throughout our nearly century-long existence, we have fought for and achieved numerous gains for working actors. Today, we embark on an important new chapter in our union's history. Earlier this morning, the SAG-AFTRA national board convened after four weeks of negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television producers. In light of the AMPTP's refusal to offer a fair deal on key issues crucial to protecting the livelihoods of working actors and performers, the SAG-AFTRA national board unanimously voted to issue a strike order against the studios and streamers."

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