Crash Team Rumble Appears to be Teasing Spyro Content


It appears that Crash Team Rumble might receive Spyro DLC at a later date. Activision holds the rights to two iconic mascot-like characters in gaming: Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot. These characters enjoyed great popularity in the 90s and early 2000s, primarily on the early generations of PlayStation consoles. However, they eventually faded away before resurfacing as part of the Skylanders franchise. In recent years, both characters have experienced a revival, with remastered and remade collections, as well as new games for Crash Bandicoot. The latest Crash game, instead of being another single-player platformer, takes the form of a PvP multiplayer game with various live service elements.

Crash Team Rumble features a battle pass and is expected to receive regular content updates in the upcoming months. While an official roadmap provides a rough idea of what's to come, there are also indications that Spyro content could be included in the game in the future. Fans have dissected a piece of concept art that can be unlocked with the battle pass and noticed the presence of crystal dragons in the distance. These crystal dragons were collectible items in Spyro, and the background of the art also features visible level portals. Moreover, the artwork itself evokes a distinct Spyro aesthetic with its castles and prominent dragons. Interestingly, the art is titled "Dragon Vision," which seems to hint directly at Spyro.

Certainly, only time will tell. It's plausible that the dragons depicted in the concept art are simply generic in nature. Nevertheless, considering Activision's ownership of the Spyro IP, it would be unwise to overlook the potential for expanding the Crash Bandicoot universe with the inclusion of Spyro. The seamless integration of Spyro and his cast of characters into Crash Team Rumble seems like a perfect fit, leaving us to wonder when such an exciting collaboration might come to fruition.

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