DC's Harley Quinn Season 4 Poster Released by Max

Prepare for a whirlwind of chaos as Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are poised to unleash even more havoc. Max has just unveiled the official poster for the highly anticipated fourth season of Harley Quinn, preceding the premiere of new episodes on July 27th exclusively on the streaming service. The captivating poster showcases Harley Quinn (Kaley Cuoco), Poison Ivy (Lake Bell), and their unconventional crew aboard the uniquely designed "SpaceLex" spaceship, accompanied by the tagline "An Unconventional Adventure." Since its debut in 2019, Harley Quinn has garnered a dedicated fan base, resulting in multiple seasons and the recent addition of Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine's Day Special.

Who Is Showrunning Harley Quinn Season 4?

Sarah Peters, renowned for her work on Workaholics and Nathan For You, brings her talent to Harley Quinn as she takes on the role of showrunner for the fourth season. Previously serving as a writer and consulting producer for the series, Peters steps into this new position while series creators Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern take a step back.

In an interview with Variety, Schumacker expressed his confidence in Peters' ability to bring Ivy's character to life, stating, "Sarah writes Ivy like no one else, and Season 4 will delve deeper into Ivy than ever before. We explore her new role within the Legion of Doom, and Sarah introduces a storyline that Justin and I wouldn't have initially considered. She did an exceptional job." Schumacker also emphasized the significant contribution of female perspectives within the writing team, with Peters playing a pivotal role. Her remarkable episodes, such as introducing Catwoman and crafting the Season 2 finale featuring Harley and Ivy's escape from Ivy's wedding with Kite Man, have left a lasting impact. Peters' unique understanding of Ivy and her fresh ideas have brought a dynamic element to the series, leaving Schumacker excited for viewers to experience her contributions in the upcoming season.

Is There a Harley Quinn Spinoff?

In recent developments, the Harley Quinn team has confirmed the development of a spinoff series that revolves around the beloved character of Kite Man, portrayed by Matt Oberg. The upcoming series has been titled Kite Man: Hell Yeah!

During an interview earlier this year, Halpern revealed that the show would be spearheaded by Dean Lorey, who had been involved in the first three seasons. Lorey joins forces with the talented comedy writer Katie Rich to bring this spinoff to life. According to Halpern, the Kite Man series aims to capture the same spirit as the Harley Quinn special, exploring unconventional and audacious themes. The characters of Kite Man and Golden Glider have been masterfully crafted as endearing fools, resonating with audiences. While Halpern and Schumacker initially pitched Harley Quinn as "Mary Tyler Moore with a psycho killer," the Kite Man show has been envisioned as a Cheers-style series set in the world of B-list supervillains.

As mentioned above, Season 4 of Harley Quinn will be available exclusively on Max starting from July 27th.

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