DC's Justice League Dark Launches on Kickstarter with New Expansions, Exclusives, and More

Justice League Dark is making its way to Cryptozoic Entertainment's DC Deck-Building Game, and the highly anticipated Kickstarter campaign is now live. But that's not all—Cryptozoic has more exciting additions in store for fans, including the Shazam! Vs Black Adam Rivals set, two Rebirth One-Shot Packs, a Legion of Doom Expansion Pack, and a JSA Crossover Crisis Pack, all available as part of the campaign. The Justice League Dark box introduces eight playable characters, a unique seal cards mechanic, and a transformative keyword that allows cards to morph into more powerful versions. For full campaign details, head over here.

In the Justice League Dark set, players will face the daunting task of sealing away magical Super-Villains and harnessing the ability to transform their cards into even more formidable forms. The act of sealing cards contributes to a player's final score, with certain cards offering special seal bonuses. Additionally, specific cards will possess transformative requirements, unlocking new cards and bonuses once fulfilled.

(Photo: Cryptozoic Entertainment)

The Shazam! Vs. Black Adam Rivals set immerses players in the epic clash between Shazam and Black Adam. The objective is to defeat your opponent three times, with each defeat granting the character new abilities and increasing their challenge. The gameplay is enhanced by the inclusion of Confrontation, Block, and Weakness Cards, adding excitement and strategic depth to the battles.

Additionally, the Legion of Doom Expansion injects a nostalgic Super Friends essence into the game by introducing 13 new villains. These villains can seamlessly integrate with any other villains from the existing DC Deck-Building Games, allowing for exciting combinations and diverse gameplay experiences.

One of the delightful surprises is the Rebirth One-Shots, which mark the initial expansions to the Rebirth standalone cooperative gameplay experience. These two One-Shot packs, namely Cry For Justice and Time Heist, introduce exciting new elements. Cry For Justice showcases Green Arrow and Black Canary, incorporating 6 signature cards and 9 standard cards. Similarly, Time Heist introduces The Atom and Vixen, accompanied by a selection of standard and signature cards, mirroring the contents of Cry For Justice.


The final part of the campaign is Crossover Crisis 1, an expansion that introduces JSA Characters, a challenging Impossible Mode for super-villains, and Crisis Cards. Additionally, a new Golden Age Crisis mode is included, which activates additional opponents as more Super-Villains are defeated.

As part of the Kickstarter campaign, there are several exclusive items available. These include a special Exclusive Raymond Gay cover and a Rivals Shazam! Vs Black Adam playmat. The campaign also features numerous Street Goals, with the Justice League Dark set unlocking various rewards such as new Promo cards, an expansion, foil on the box, a Kickstarter Oversized Character, a Kickstarter Nemesis card, and more. Additionally, a new card has been unlocked for Rivals, and the next stretch goal aims to add foil to the Rivals box. 

You can find the complete campaign for Justice League Dark right here.

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