Deltarune Creator Shares Chapter 3 Update

Toby Fox, the creator of Deltarune, provided an update on Chapter 3, the upcoming playable part of the game. Although the update did not include a release date, Fox shared insights into the progress of Chapter 3 and described it as "shaping up to be a pretty strange one."

Unlike previous updates shared on platforms like Twitter, Fox chose to share this update through a newsletter, which may have gone unnoticed by those not subscribed to it. However, the contents of the newsletter have been shared online by others, including Nintendo Everything. Fox mentioned that work is currently underway on "the final overworld," which can be likened to locations such as the Queen's Castle or Card Castle from previous chapters.

In describing the development process, Fox stated, "This Chapter is made of many different pieces... so it's been hard to understand exactly how everything was turning out. Now that things are clearer, I just need to roll over the entire game with a steamroller and crush out all the bumps. There may be things to add, things to fix, or things to remove... but, many pieces have been quite polished already, so it won't be too bad."


In comparison to the first two chapters, Toby Fox stated that Chapter 3 of Deltarune has a lighter focus on story and introduces more unconventional gameplay mechanics. However, he assured fans that Chapter 4 will return to a more standard format.

"This chapter is shaping up to be a pretty strange one," commented Fox. "I primarily focused on incorporating unusual gameplay elements, and it's not as story-heavy. It feels a bit unconventional, which makes me slightly self-conscious... but at least I had the opportunity to try something different!"

The release date for Deltarune Chapter 3 has not been announced yet. However, players can currently enjoy the first two chapters for free on the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms. 

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