Demon Slayer: Why Shinobu Kocho is the Worst Hashira So Far

Shinobu Kocho is an exceptional fighter, known for her remarkable skills and strategic abilities. However, unlike Kyojuro, Tengen, and Mitsuri, she possesses a distinct demeanor and approach that sets her apart in the Demon Slayer series.

Demon Slayer is a shonen action series that beautifully intertwines intense battles with deep emotional connections. At its core, the story revolves around Tanjiro Kamado's unwavering determination to restore Nezuko's humanity and his compassionate nature towards the demons he encounters. Many of the Hashira share these qualities and offer invaluable personal support to Tanjiro, but Shinobu Kocho presents a unique perspective.

Shinobu Kocho possesses a profound and relatable backstory, having tragically lost her beloved big sister, Kanae, to a demon many years ago. However, driven by her personal thirst for vengeance, she tends to focus primarily on combating demons in retribution. In contrast to Kyojuro Rengoku, Tengen Uzui, and Mitsuri Kanroji, who have actively expressed their support for Tanjiro both as an individual and a fighter, Shinobu's character arc is slightly less compelling.

While Shinobu Kocho may lack the overt warmth and inspirational words exhibited by her fellow Hashira, her journey and internal conflicts add depth to the series. Her struggle to balance her desire for revenge with her duty to protect humanity creates a complex character that sparks intrigue and curiosity among the viewers. Ultimately, her unique traits contribute to the diverse tapestry of personalities within the Demon Slayer universe.

Shinobu Kocho Doesn't Inspire Or Protect Demon Slayer's Heroes

While it wasn't mandatory for the nine elite Hashira to mentor or train Tanjiro's trio of heroes, several of the most exceptional Hashira willingly stepped forward to support Tanjiro's squad through their words and actions, solidifying their status as some of the most beloved characters in Demon Slayer. Kyojuro Rengoku, with his unwavering dedication, sacrificed his life to protect Tanjiro's team from Akaza, the Upper Moon 3, leaving behind inspiring parting words. Tengen Uzui, a tough yet fair guardian, played the role of mentor to Tanjiro's team during their time in the Entertainment District, and his remarkable character development, entwined with his three shinobi wives, captivated audiences. Most recently, Mitsuri Kanroji, the love Hashira, fearlessly faced Hantengu's strongest form to aid Tanjiro, and she generously provided personal support to Nezuko.

On the other hand, Shinobu Kocho dutifully carries out her responsibilities as a Hashira, but her contributions remain limited. It is worth noting that she grapples with understandable anger and grief over Kanae's tragic demise. However, compared to her fellow Hashira, she appears to lag behind in outward displays of support, which has left some Demon Slayer fans unimpressed. Her kind words to Tanjiro during Season 1 merely echoed his own unwavering dedication to Nezuko's well-being, and she even attempted to eliminate Nezuko when they first encountered each other in Rui's spider forest.

Furthermore, Shinobu's involvement in training Tanjiro's team was minimal, with Aoi and Kanao Tsuyuri primarily responsible for overseeing Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu's progress at the Butterfly Estate. At this stage, it would be beneficial for Shinobu to provide some form of motivation and inspiration to Tanjiro's team, even if she lacks explicit obligations to do so within the narrative. This adjustment would not only enhance her likability as a character but also grant her greater relevance within the overall storyline.

Tanjiro & Kanao Can Bring Out The Best In Shinobu Kocho

While it's true that Shinobu Kocho hasn't made significant efforts to bring out the best in Tanjiro's team or her apprentice, Kanao Tsuyuri, the situation could be reversed. Considering Shinobu's overwhelming grief and rage, she may actually require more support than they do. Tanjiro has a debt of gratitude towards the Hashira, particularly Kyojuro, Tengen, and Mitsuri, and he can reciprocate by offering his support to Shinobu. This aligns with Tanjiro's empathetic and supportive nature, even though he has already proven himself to audiences. It would be fitting for him to extend that support to Shinobu. Similarly, Kanao Tsuyuri can repay Shinobu for taking over her training after the untimely death of Kanae. Shinobu, despite her tension and anger, still made time for Kanao, a gesture that should not be overlooked.

With the final battle against Muzan Kibutsuji and the three remaining Upper Moons on the horizon, there is a risk that Shinobu may lose herself in her reckless rage, potentially compromising her quest for revenge. Hence, she would benefit greatly from Tanjiro and Kanao becoming the guiding force that Kyojuro and Mitsuri were for the Kamado siblings, helping to temper the fiery emotions burning within Shinobu's heart. This would not only enhance Shinobu's skills as a fighter but also contribute to her personal growth. Furthermore, a grateful Shinobu may someday return the favor and become a figure like Mitsuri Kanroji. Such developments would undoubtedly elevate Shinobu's status in the eyes of Demon Slayer fans, transforming her from a somewhat gimmicky Hashira into an inspiring and beloved warrior, akin to a caring older sister figure that any Demon Slayer character or fan can cherish. There is undoubtedly more to Shinobu Kocho than her association with poison and revenge.

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