Diablo 4 Loot Chart Is a Must-Have for Farming

Diablo 4 players who are searching for specific loot to complete their desired builds now have an additional resource at their disposal. The Diablo 4 community has started compiling charts and lists that highlight which types of enemies are more likely to drop specific categories of gear. These resources can be particularly helpful if you're seeking a particular two-handed weapon, crossbow, or any other specific item, as they can help you focus your farming efforts.

A Diablo 4 player and Redditor named Nearby-Pop-9222 recently shared one such chart. This comprehensive tool showcases different loot categories, the enemies that have a higher chance of dropping those items, and the recommended farming locations for encountering those enemies. The Redditor stated that the chart was created using information gathered from various online sources, although the frequency of drops for these specific items from the listed enemies is still a topic of discussion.

These charts provide players with a consolidated reference that can assist in optimizing their loot-finding endeavors in Diablo 4.

Quick Chart for Focused Farming
by u/Nearby-Pop-9222 in diablo 


According to the player, "Specific gear slots have a drop rate that is 5 times greater from certain enemies. The last column in the chart indicates the most optimal NMD (or regular location) for farming those particular enemies at the moment. The * indicates the top choices among them. The letters in parentheses following the locations serve as a basic tier guide, indicating what to expect from those dungeons. S represents the best tier, with straightforward and easy farming. F represents the worst tier due to factors like difficulty, excessive running around, or other complications." 

The claim about certain enemies offering a five times higher drop rate for specific gear categories is still being debated among players in the comments. However, it is an undeniable fact that certain enemies are more inclined to drop particular types of loot. This was confirmed by Associate Game Director Joe Piepiora months ago during a livestream, where he discussed this new mechanic in Diablo 4. Additionally, other guides and informational tables similar to the one provided have been shared online this week. If desired, players can explore other players' findings across the subreddit and various forums. Nevertheless, the concise and convenient chart mentioned above serves as an excellent starting point for players seeking this information.

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