Disney CEO Bob Iger is 'Disturbed' by Actors, Writers Strike

Disney CEO Bob Iger expresses concerns regarding the ongoing strikes by actors and writers, citing what he perceives as unrealistic salary demands and the resulting disruption to the industry.

During an appearance on CNBC's Squawk Box, Bob Iger shared his views on the current writers' strike and the recently initiated actors' strike. He described the situation as "deeply concerning," stating, "This is an incredibly challenging time to further exacerbate the existing disruptions." Iger believes that the entertainment industry is still grappling with the recovery from the impacts of COVID-19 and argues that the unions' salary demands are not aligned with realistic expectations.

CEOs vs. Actors and Writers

Disney CEO Bob Iger expresses his concerns about the ongoing strikes by actors and writers, highlighting the challenges faced by the industry in recovering from the impact of COVID-19.

During an appearance on CNBC's Squawk Box, Iger emphasized the disruptive forces affecting the business and the ongoing recovery from the pandemic. He stated, "We've been discussing the disruptive forces in this industry and the numerous challenges we are currently facing in our recovery from COVID, which is still an ongoing process. Adding to this disruption at such a time is highly unfavorable."

Iger referred to successful negotiations with the directors guild as an example of Disney's willingness to engage in productive discussions. However, he expressed his belief that the actors and writers have set "unrealistic" expectations. He argued that the strike would only compound the challenges already confronting the industry.

On Thursday morning, July 13, the actors' union, SAG-AFTRA, initiated its strike. This marks the first strike by SAG-AFTRA in over 40 years and the first simultaneous strike by both unions since 1960.

Disney CEO Bob Iger conveyed his admiration for the unions' pursuit of improved compensation for their members while also emphasizing the importance of realistic expectations within the current business environment. He cautioned that the strike would have far-reaching consequences, causing significant collateral damage to ancillary services and impacting regional economies. Iger expressed his disappointment, referring to it as a "regrettable situation" for the industry as a whole.

These comments from Iger came in the wake of the recent announcement that he would extend his tenure as CEO of The Walt Disney Company until 2026, deviating from his initial plan to step down. In a surprising move, Iger returned as CEO in November 2022, less than a year after his initial departure following his 15-year tenure. Originally intending to search for a new successor, the extension of Iger's contract was necessitated by the company's internal challenges and the need to adapt its traditional TV model to thrive in the streaming era.

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