Disney Illusion Island Reveals New Story Trailer


Disney Illusion Island is just one month away from its highly anticipated release, and Dlala Studios, the developer behind the game, has unveiled a captivating new trailer. This Nintendo Switch exclusive will immerse players in an exciting platforming adventure, where they assume the roles of beloved characters Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy. The latest trailer offers a glimpse into the game's narrative, as the Fab Four embark on a journey to the enchanting island of Monoth, enticed by an invitation for a delightful picnic. However, the seemingly innocent gathering turns out to be a clever ploy, and the inhabitants of Monoth urgently seek the heroes' aid in recovering the Tomes of Knowledge scattered across three distinct biomes. Be sure to check out the captivating story trailer below:

Disney Illusion Island was announced during a Nintendo Direct last year as an exciting 2D platformer designed for local multiplayer, accommodating up to four players. While the latest trailer primarily delves into the game's captivating story, it also provides glimpses of its engaging gameplay. Setting itself apart from other platformers, Disney Illusion Island focuses on puzzle-solving rather than combat, challenging players to employ their cleverness to overcome obstacles throughout the vibrant world. The game's animation draws inspiration from the delightful Mickey & Friends shorts and the enchanting Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Judging from the showcased content, it is evident that Dlala Studios has succeeded in capturing the captivating essence of the beloved characters!

Over the years, there have been numerous remarkable games starring Mickey and his cherished friends. In a recent digital preview, ComicBook.com had the opportunity to converse with Dlala Studios about Disney Illusion Island, during which the developer mentioned being inspired by beloved Disney classics such as Castle of Illusion and Disney's Magical Quest. This serves as an encouraging sign for the game's potential! While it remains to be seen whether Disney Illusion Island can reach the same heights as those nostalgic '90s classics, fans of Mickey Mouse will soon have the chance to discover for themselves as the game launches on July 28th.

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