Disney Lorcana Debuts New Donald Duck Card

ComicBook.com has the privilege of unveiling an exclusive Disney Lorcana card. Today, ComicBook.com presents the first look at "Donald Duck, Flaunting His Style," a new Sapphire Ink card featured in the upcoming Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter set. This card requires five Ink to be played and possesses the Ward ability, rendering it immune to targeting by Action cards or card abilities. As a result, Donald Duck can only be directly challenged if exerted during Questing (which players may choose to do as this card generates two Lore when it quests) or if it had previously engaged in a challenge. Take a look at the complete reveal below:

Disney Lorcana is an eagerly awaited trading card game set to release in August by Ravensburger. This exciting game draws inspiration from a wide range of Disney movies and characters, featuring iconic figures like Robin Hood, Stitch, Elsa, Mickey Mouse, and many more. What makes Disney Lorcana unique is its inclusion of both "Storyborn" characters, directly pulled from beloved Disney movies and cartoons, and "Dreamborn" characters, which offer fresh interpretations of the familiar faces. Additionally, there are "Floodborn" characters that tie into an upcoming storyline yet to be revealed.

In the game, players strive to be the first to accumulate 20 Lore, which is earned through the "Quest" action performed by their characters. However, engaging in Questing exposes a character to potential challenges from opposing players' characters, resulting in simultaneous damage to both participants. To summon characters and items, players must expend Ink, which is acquired by placing cards from their hand into the Inkwell area. Most Disney Lorcana cards can be utilized as Ink, though players are limited to adding one card to their Inkwell per turn. Ink is expended during card summons but is replenished at the start of each turn, allowing a player's Inkwell to grow progressively over time.

ComicBook.com recently had the privilege of interviewing Ryan Miller, the brand manager and co-designer of Disney Lorcana, and we will soon be providing comprehensive coverage of the game's design and other exciting details. Stay tuned for a deep dive into Disney Lorcana, including the delightful antics of Donald Duck, as a sneak peek of the surprises and thrills that await!

Via ComicBook.com

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