Doctor Who’s Ncuti Gatwa Explains His Personal Connection to the Time Lord

Ncuti Gatwa, best known for his role in Netflix's Sex Education, opened up about his profound connection to Doctor Who and how he relates to the iconic Time Lord.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, Gatwa revealed the personal significance he finds in his character's journey. He expressed, "This character has endured and survived a genocide. They are a figure who belongs everywhere and nowhere. I am the Doctor, and the Doctor is me. That's why I knew I had to pursue this role."

Gatwa specifically resonated with the post-2005 storyline in Doctor Who, which delves into the Doctor's survival in the aftermath of a devastating war that annihilated their people. While the exact details and continuity of this narrative have been subject to revision and reinterpretation, Gatwa discovered a profound connection to it, drawing striking parallels to his own life experiences.

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Ncuti Gatwa's personal connection to the Doctor in Doctor Who stems from his own harrowing experiences as a child fleeing Rwanda during the genocide against the Tutsi minority. The trauma and challenges he faced created a deep sense of kinship with the Doctor, who also endured devastating events, struggled with belonging, and embraced a resilient spirit. Gatwa firmly believed that securing the role of the Doctor was a manifestation of their shared essence.

Gatwa shared the remarkable story of how he landed the opportunity to portray the 15th Doctor in the beloved series. It almost seemed like a wish come true, as he had expressed his desire to his agent to play a character akin to Willy Wonka or the Doctor. Miraculously, just a week later, he received the news to audition for the role of the Time Lord.

To prepare for the audition, Gatwa embarked on a week-long binge-watching marathon, immersing himself in every episode of Doctor Who since its revival in 2005. Although he admitted he wasn't a die-hard fan before, his deep dive into the Doctor's universe transformed him into a devoted Whovian. Gatwa was captivated by the show's ability to transport viewers to other worlds and times, offering thrilling adventures that temporarily alleviate their troubles.

Despite his sudden rise to fame, catalyzed by his role in Sex Education, Gatwa remained grounded and focused on his craft. While the overwhelming nature of fame initially affected him, he recognized the importance of maintaining his artistic integrity. Gatwa expressed his appreciation for the smaller-scale work he experienced in theater and revealed his plans to return to it once he completes the second season of Doctor Who.

Via Rolling Stone

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