DoubleVerify Expands YouTube Viewability and Fraud Verification Services to Cover Shorts Videos

DoubleVerify's YouTube verification offerings have been expanded to include Shorts clips, allowing for enhanced validation of Shorts traffic and impact using DoubleVerify's systems.

For over a decade, DoubleVerify has provided viewability and fraud measurement services for YouTube and Google ads. With the growing popularity of Shorts, DoubleVerify has incorporated it as an additional component within its comprehensive measurement solutions.

According to DoubleVerify: “With DV’s quality verification technology, advertisers on Shorts benefit from:

• Fraud Measurement: For advertising to perform, it must be seen by a real human being. DV identifies and protects advertisers against fraud and IVT – from compromised devices to bot manipulation.

• Viewability Authentication: DV provides comprehensive viewability measurement, offering clarity into whether an ad has the opportunity to be seen and confirming its potential to make an impact.”

Furthermore, DoubleVerify is expanding its viewability and fraud measurement services to encompass YouTube Masthead and In-feed Video inventory, offering additional reassurance for YouTube marketers.

Shorts has emerged as a significant engagement driver in the app, amassing over 50 billion cumulative views per day. This makes it an invaluable supplementary promotional tool for YouTube marketers, boosting exposure and driving more viewers back to their main channel content.

Notably, Shorts has become a substantial revenue driver itself, with YouTube's Shorts revenue program directly compensating for ads displayed in the Shorts feed. This trend, spearheaded by TikTok, has shifted video consumption behaviors, placing Shorts as a major focus for brands.

Now, marketers can validate their Shorts data with confidence, thanks to DoubleVerify's assurance, making it an essential update for their analysis.

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