Dragon Ball Z Fan Unearths Chris Sabat's Hilarious Take on Yamcha

Yamcha, a character in the Dragon Ball franchise, has had a career full of ups and downs. Despite being outpaced by Super Saiyans and deities, the Dragon Ball Super manga has given Yamcha some spotlight in the fight against the energy-absorbing villain, Moro. Recently, an anime fan discovered a funny relic featuring Chris Sabat, the voice of Yamcha, playfully describing one of his many Dragon Ball characters.

While Yamcha did not appear in the latest Dragon Ball film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, he had a prominent role in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Making headlines for catching the attention of a former combatant in the Tournament of Space and Time who wanted to marry him, Yamcha showcased his physical skills by teaming up with his potential bride, Vidro, to confront the villain Chilled. As the Ultra God Mission approaches its end, it remains to be seen whether Yamcha will conclude this arc by getting married to Vidro or calling off the engagement.

Used to play as Yamcha in the DBZ CCG. On two separate occasions, Christopher Sabat let me know his opinion.
by u/Disastrous_Mail1151 in dbz

Chris Sabat Vs. Yamcha

Chris Sabat, known for voicing Yamcha in the Dragon Ball series, also lends his talents to other characters in the Z-Fighter universe such as Vegeta, Piccolo, and Mr. Popo. Sabat is a significant contributor to various anime franchises, including One Piece, Yu Yu Hakusho, Vinland Saga, My Hero Academia, and many more. When a fan discovered Sabat's signatures on Yamcha trading cards, Chris humorously shared his thoughts on one of the weaker Z-Fighters.

The Dragon Ball Super manga is currently progressing through the events of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. While the next arc for the manga has yet to be confirmed, there is a possibility that Yamcha may play a role similar to his involvement in the Moro Arc. With characters like Ultra Instinct, Ultra Ego, Orange Piccolo, and Gohan Beast at the forefront, Yamcha will need to put in serious effort if he hopes to reach their level.

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