Elden Ring's Hardest Boss Has Been Defeated by a Goldfish

The most challenging boss in FromSoftware's Elden Ring has been conquered in a rather unexpected manner—by a pet goldfish. Since its early release last year, players have been exploring unconventional ways to play through Elden Ring, seeking absurd control schemes such as using a Guitar Hero controller or Nintendo's Donkey Kong bongos. The Elden Ring community is constantly pushing the boundaries and finding unique methods to defeat the game's toughest adversaries. Now, the level of absurdity has reached new heights as a goldfish has emerged victorious against a major boss.

YouTuber PointCrow recently shared a video on social media, showcasing how their pet goldfish, Tortellini, was able to defeat the boss Malenia in Elden Ring. Although it may seem impossible for a fish to play video games, PointCrow devised a grid overlay on top of Tortellini's tank. The fish's movements in the tank corresponded to specific actions carried out by the player character in Elden Ring. Remarkably, despite the randomness of Tortellini's swimming, they managed to navigate their way to victory, leaving PointCrow astounded. You can watch the video for yourself below to witness this extraordinary feat:


It's important to mention that Tortellini the goldfish was able to overcome only the first stage of the Malenia boss fight in Elden Ring. However, even this initial phase is notoriously challenging, making Tortellini's achievement quite remarkable. It's truly absurd that a fish managed to accomplish what many players have struggled with. While it's uncertain if Tortellini will attempt to face other bosses in Elden Ring, it's reasonable to believe that if they were able to defeat Malenia, they could potentially conquer numerous other formidable foes in the game as well.

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