Elon Musk Announces Dark Mode as the Exclusive Display Option for X

Elon Musk is fully committed to the transformation of X, formerly known as Twitter, by announcing that the platform will soon exclusively offer a dark mode display option, complementing its new black color scheme.

According to Musk, dark mode is superior in every aspect and aligns perfectly with the app's re-branded, Batman-like color palette, as it evolves into its new identity.

However, this decision may not please everyone. As pointed out by X News Daily, individuals with dyslexia or astigmatism, along with various other user groups, could face difficulties reading white text on a black background. For these users, the shift to only dark mode seems unnecessary, driven primarily by the aesthetic preferences of its CEO.

There is a looming question about whether Apple and/or Google would approve X's decision to have an exclusive dark mode, considering their app store policies. While developers argue that it is generally acceptable, it may not be the most desirable option from the OS perspective, potentially leading to X's significant change being barred due to its scale.

However, Elon Musk has displayed an ability to push through his desired changes, both positive and negative, at the app, and it appears that X will indeed persist in pushing for dark mode only going forward.

Interestingly, former Twitter employee Esther Crawford, who was once a prominent supporter of Elon's reforms at the app, recently shared her experience of working with him, stating that: “Elon has an exceptional talent for tackling hard physics-based problems but products that facilitate human connection and communication require a different type of social-emotional intelligence.”

Crawford further highlighted that Elon Musk tends to make decisions based on gut instinct rather than relying on data, which becomes complex for X, considering he is also the platform's most influential voice.

Essentially, Musk's unique experience sets him apart from other users, and his day-to-day personal use of the app heavily influences his thinking on how to enhance it. However, this approach may not necessarily lead to the best outcomes for the majority of users.

It's possible that this exclusive focus on his preferences, like implementing dark mode, could lead him to disregard contrary opinions or analysis, simply because it aligns with his personal desire.

While it remains to be seen if he'll change his mind, this serves as an intriguing example of a skewed feedback loop in practice, where one individual's preferences heavily influence the platform's decisions, possibly overlooking the diverse needs of its user base.

UPDATE: Elon has already reversed his decision on this matter, acknowledging user feedback and announcing that while light mode will still be available, the default mode will be dark. Additionally, the dim mode will be removed from the options. Quite a broody twist in the saga!

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