Felicia Day Launches Sci-Fi Audible Series Starring Neil Gaiman, Sean Astin and More

Renowned author Neil Gaiman has been announced as the narrator for an exciting new Audible sci-fi series called Third Eye, which is being brought to life by the talented actor, writer, and The Guild series creator Felicia Day.

Felicia Day is set to launch a captivating science-fiction comedy audio series titled Third Eye, in collaboration with Audible Inc. This highly anticipated series will immerse listeners in a world of geek and gaming culture, filled with cleverly placed Easter eggs throughout. Written by Day herself, the story revolves around Laurel, a wizard who once faced a devastating defeat against Tybus The Terrible (Christopher Judge). Despite being the "Chosen One," Laurel still grapples with the consequences of that fateful encounter even after a decade. As Laurel embarks on her journey, she stumbles upon shocking secrets and reunites with familiar adversaries.

Felicia Day and the Third Eye Cast

Day takes on the role of Laurel, a resilient heroine who must confront her damaged reputation and battle her own self-doubt in order to rescue her friends.

While Third Eye delves into a somber premise, it promises an entertaining and comedic journey for listeners, filled with an array of distinctive characters. Among them is Kate Chen (Lily Pichu), an eccentric teenager determined to uncover the secrets of the supernatural realm. Frank Fletcher (Sean Astin) portrays a cantankerous and stubborn vampire, while Robigus (Wil Wheaton) serves as San Francisco's local enforcer for Tybus, a constant thorn in Laurel's side. Sybil (London Hughes), a troubled exiled Faerie princess in her twenties, adds a touch of chaotic charm to the mix. Headlining the all-star cast, Neil Gaiman lends his captivating voice as The Narrator.

In a statement, Day expressed her excitement for Third Eye, referring to it as her most significant passion project since The Guild. She expressed gratitude to Audible for enabling her to bring her long-held vision to life. Day eagerly anticipates fans' enchantment with the endearing characters she has grown to love. Zola Mashariki, Head of Audible Studios, showered praise on the series, describing it as a testament to Day's unparalleled creativity.

Neil Gaiman Supports the WGA Strike

Gaiman recently made headlines when he joined renowned authors George R.R. Martin and Nnedi Okorafor on the picket lines of the Writers Guild of America (WGA). In a tweet, Martin mentioned that the trio spent a significant portion of the day protesting at the Greer Garson Studios lot in Santa Fe, participating in demonstrations that caused the suspension of several ongoing shoots in the area.

The WGA strike commenced on May 2 after negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) reached an impasse. One of the key points of contention for the WGA is the integration of artificial intelligence in writers' rooms. The union has expressed frustration over the lack of progress made on this issue during negotiations. On the same day, the WGA issued a statement expressing their initial intention to achieve a fair agreement, while highlighting their dissatisfaction with the studios' responses, which they deemed inadequate.

Fans eagerly await the debut of Third Eye on the Audible website, scheduled for October 5.

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