Firefly Star Comments on Revival Chances, Fate of Their Character


When it comes to beloved TV series, Firefly still stands out today as a prime example of a show that was unjustly canceled. The series premiered in 2002 and sadly only aired for 14 episodes before the final one, out of order, was broadcast on August 4th, 2003. Although creator Joss Whedon managed to conclude the story with the film Serenity two years later, fans continue to inquire about the possibility of a second season even two decades later. In a recent interview with TV Line, Jewel Staite, who played the character Kaylee Frye, shared that another short-lived show she was involved in has a better chance of returning.

"It's quite amusing to me that I still get asked about Season 2 of Firefly after 20 years. When I'm asked that question, I always respond, 'There's a greater likelihood of a L.A. Complex revival than a Firefly continuation,'" Staite revealed. She further explained that there have been discussions and whispers about a potential L.A. Complex revival with the show's creator, Martin Gero, over the past few years, raising hopes among the cast for a potential return someday.

When asked about her vision for Kaylee's future, Staite expressed her desire for the character to become a mother. She emphasized that Simon (played by Sean Maher) would be the father, saying, "I think Kaylee would have been an incredible mother, and I love the idea of a baby being on the ship, adding more depth and complexity to the story. It would reveal different sides of each character's personality to have a baby around. I would have loved to see Captain Mal trying to figure out how to handle an infant... I can imagine there being more than one child on the ship. Kaylee would want to have as many as possible."

New Firefly Series Announced:

Firefly may not be returning to television, but its legacy lives on through its thriving presence in the world of comics. Exciting news surfaced last month, revealing that a new Firefly series is in the works. Boom! Studios has announced the upcoming release of Firefly: The Fall Guys, which will mark the first Firefly series to feature the original cast since All-New Firefly, a series that tragically saw the demise of a beloved crew member.

Renowned writer Sam Humphries, known for his work on Legendary Star-Lord, has been entrusted with penning the series. He will be collaborating with artist Jordi Pérez, who previously showcased their talents on All-New Firefly. Adding to the creative team is colorist Francesco Segala, recognized for their contributions to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Firefly: The Fall Guys, a six-issue miniseries, promises a thrilling narrative filled with assassins, ill-fated assignments, and organized crime. It appears that this new comic installment will harken back to Firefly's Western influences, as opposed to the previous Boom! Studios series that placed a greater emphasis on its sci-fi elements. The official synopsis for Firefly: The Fall Guys, as provided by Boom! Studios, reads as follows...

"The crew is broke and out of luck. They'll have to deal with some of their shadier associates if Serenity is going to keep flying. What seems like an easy job in town for half the crew quickly turns sideways when feds, untrusting locals, and a high-profile politician get thrown into the mix…"

Firefly fans can mark their calendars for an exciting event as Firefly: The Fall Guys #1 is set to hit the shelves on September 6th.

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