Fortnite Bringing Back Fan-Favorite Weapon with a Catch


In an effort to keep players engaged and bring freshness to the meta, Epic Games regularly introduces and removes weapons in Fortnite. One weapon that has been highly anticipated by players is the Pump Shotgun, known for being a fan favorite throughout the game's history. However, during Chapter 4, the Pump Shotgun was absent from rotation. Fortunately, it seems that this is about to change during Season 3. Several reputable leakers, including Hypex and FNAssist on Twitter, have shared insights that suggest a modified version of the Pump Shotgun is currently in Fortnite and will be reintroduced with the next update.

Hypex was the first to announce the shotgun's return, detailing some exciting changes. The new Pump Shotgun will feature a tighter spread, increased range, and deliver a whopping 160 Headshot Damage at Legendary Rarity. These alterations will significantly impact how players utilize the weapon, transforming it into a long-range option capable of precise eliminations. However, FNAssist's leak suggests an even more potent version with the Legendary Rarity boasting 196 Headshot Damage. The true details will become clear in the following days when the Pump Shotgun makes its official debut in the battle royale.

Another intriguing detail shared in FNAssist's leak is that the returning gun will now be called the Sharp Tooth Shotgun. Given the significant changes it has undergone since its last appearance, it seems reasonable for Epic to modify the name accordingly. However, for players seeking a weapon that provides a closer-range firepower experience akin to the traditional Pump Shotgun, they may want to consider the Havoc Pump Shotgun, which excels in close-quarters combat.

While the exact release date of the Sharp Tooth Shotgun in Fortnite remains unknown, it is expected to make its appearance in the game in the near future. Stay tuned for further updates and prepare to wield this revamped and exciting weapon soon.

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