Getting Started with Anime Figurine Collecting


While building a collection of anime figures may seem challenging, especially when on a budget, these simple tips prove that it doesn't have to be an insurmountable task.

Collecting various anime figurines is a popular hobby within the anime community. While some enthusiasts are content with a few select pieces, others take pride in amassing a shelf full of figures as a way to showcase their passion for specific series. However, many believe that acquiring these figures is a daunting endeavor, mainly due to their often steep price tags and the perceived difficulty in finding certain items.

Contrary to popular belief, collecting anime figures can be more accessible than one might think. While scams and high expenses are unfortunately prevalent within the community, there are numerous methods to embark on a smart and affordable anime figure collection, particularly for those currently unable to invest in pricier options. By following effective tips, anyone can start their anime figure collection without it being solely dependent on money or sheer luck.

How Much Do Anime Figurines Usually Cost?

The cost of high-quality anime figures typically ranges from one hundred to two hundred dollars on average. This price range may give the impression that it could take months or even years to build a diverse collection. However, there are affordable options available, including anime figures like Funko Pops, which can be purchased for as low as fifty dollars or even less. These figures are readily available in mall stores such as Hot Topic, BoxLunch, and GameStop.

While these options offer quick and cost-effective ways for fans to expand their collections, it's worth noting that the selection in these locations may be limited. This can be a hit or miss for collectors seeking figures from more obscure anime series or those who prefer specific character poses. Fortunately, for those willing to exercise patience, there are several local alternatives that provide a wider range of choices at affordable prices, such as Amazon and Walmart. Additionally, eBay offers a thriving marketplace for pre-owned anime figures, making it an excellent platform for budget-conscious collectors to explore and find great deals.

Plenty Of Anime Figures Can Be Found Online

Anime conventions and specialized anime stores are popular destinations for purchasing figurines, providing the advantage of in-person shopping and immediate possession without having to wait for delivery. Moreover, customers can examine the figurines up close from all angles, enabling them to make informed decisions. However, it's essential to be aware that anime conventions can sometimes sell bootleg figures, deceiving buyers into paying more than they should by pricing them similarly to authentic counterparts. Thankfully, there are several measures to avoid falling victim to these scams.

While the waiting period may be somewhat frustrating, there are numerous legitimate and reliable websites where anime figure enthusiasts can purchase their desired items. For those residing in the continental United States, certain stores like Tokyo Otaku Mode and Entertainment Earth already have figures in stock, facilitating quick shipping.

Japan-based companies like HobbyLink Japan and Solaris Japan, although charging higher shipping fees, often offer a broader range of figures, granting buyers a wider selection to choose from. Unlike most sites, HobbyLink does not require payment until after the order has been shipped, giving customers the flexibility to cancel should they have a last-minute change of heart. This proves to be a significant money-saving strategy.

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