Gollum Developer Daedalic Entertainment Halts Development on New Lord of the Rings Game

Daedalic Entertainment, the developer behind The Lord of the Rings: Gollum game, has made the decision to cease game development and instead focus on publishing games. This shift in strategy, under the ownership of Nacon, means that the development of the new Lord of the Rings game, which was in progress after Gollum, has been put on hold. The future of this game remains uncertain following this announcement.

The news of Daedalic's new direction was revealed in statements provided to GamesWirtschaft, indicating that the studio will concentrate on publishing with "eight promising releases" on the horizon. Daedalic has a history of both developing and publishing games, including titles like Gollum, A Year of Rain, and State of Mind.

While Daedalic described this transition as a "difficult turning point," they also emphasized that it marks "a new beginning in the long history of Daedalic Entertainment." However, this change will impact some positions within the company, with 25 of over 90 employees being affected. Daedalic expressed their commitment to supporting these employees in finding new opportunities within their network.

The release of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum received significant criticism, facing backlash due to bugs, gameplay mechanics, and downgraded graphics compared to initial previews. The game garnered extremely low user scores on platforms like Metacritic. Daedalic promptly issued an apology to Gollum players and pledged to address and fix the game's issues. However, the plans for updates and fixes are uncertain now that Daedalic has shifted its focus to publishing games. The future of the other Lord of the Rings game, which was in development, is also unclear since its development has been paused.

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