Gundam's Seed Freedom Trailer Teases the Seed Destiny Sequel Film

Bandai Namco has unveiled an exciting new teaser for its highly anticipated sequel to Gundam: Seed Destiny, titled Seed Freedom. The film is set to hit theaters in Japan next year.

Bandai Namco Filmworks released the first official promotional video for Mobile Suit Gundam: Seed Freedom, the long-awaited continuation of the MSG: Seed Destiny series. The studio revealed the promo on July 2, along with additional information about the staff involved and the film's release date. A teaser of the promo was shared on Twitter by Anime Trending (@Anitrendz), focusing on the return of the protagonist, Kira Yamato, from the original MSG: Seed Destiny TV series. Furthermore, Bandai also unveiled a captivating piece of promotional artwork for the film. Fans can mark their calendars as Mobile Suit Gundam: Seed Freedom is scheduled to premiere in Japanese theaters on January 26.

The director of MSG: Seed Destiny, Mitsuo Fukuda, officially announced the MSG: Seed Freedom film project in 2021. Fukuda confirmed that the plot of the film would pick up where the last major installment of the Mobile Suit Gundam Seed subseries left off. Set in Cosmic Era 73, MSG: Seed Destiny delves into the aftermath of a coerced peace treaty between two dominant factions of humanity in this timeline: the "Naturals" and the "Coordinators." As tensions escalate between these groups, an Alliance special forces team launches an assault on a significant ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty) military base, making off with three highly advanced Gundam suits. Now, it falls upon the shoulders of two young pilots, Shinn Asuka and Athrun Zala, to retrieve the stolen suits and prevent a resurgence of war between the Naturals and the Coordinators.

Seed Freedom is the Long-Awaited Sequel to Seed Destiny

Mitsuo Fukuda, along with his late wife Chiaki Morosawa, co-wrote the script for MSG: Seed Freedom. Morosawa had also played a crucial role in shaping the narratives of Seed and Seed Destiny. Liu Goto, the author of the MSG: Seed light novel, is also credited as a screenwriter for the film. Additionally, several notable staff members have been revealed, including Character Designer Hisashi Hirai, Mechanical Animation Director Satoshi Shigeta, and Art Directors Shigemi Ikeda and Yukiko Maruyama. These talented artists have previously worked on MSG: Seed and MSG: Seed Destiny. Soichiro Hoshi and Kenichi Suzumura will reprise their roles as Kira Yamato and Shinn Asuka, respectively, while Akira Ishida will return as Athrun Zala.

MSG: Seed Freedom is part of a larger initiative to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the MSG: Seed anime series, which originally aired from October 5, 2002, to September 27, 2003. This commemorative project also includes a MSG: Seed video game and the side-story manga MSG: Seed Eclipse. Created by Atsushi Soga and SOW, MSG: Seed Eclipse follows the adventures of three teenage Gundam pilots who are members of the international rescue organization known as ODR (Orb Disaster Relief Team). The manga debuted in Gundam ACE magazine in July 2021.

While eagerly anticipating the international release of Seed Freedom, Gundam enthusiasts can enjoy Seed Destiny and other installments of the Gundam series on the Crunchyroll streaming platform.

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