Gundam's Walking Statue Has Hit a Major Milestone


Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury has attracted a wave of fresh enthusiasts to the mecha franchise. The recent anime adaptation has introduced viewers to Suletta Mercury, a captivating character from a world where Gundam suits have been declared illegal. As the second season finale approaches, it may mark the end of this captivating universe. However, owing to the anime's tremendous success, the Walking Gundam in Japan has achieved a significant milestone in terms of the number of visitors who have flocked to witness the colossal mech's steps.

The Gundam Factory Yokohama serves as the official venue for the Walking Gundam, a life-sized replica of the beloved anime mecha that can take a few steps on its own. While there were initial plans to conclude the attraction and retire the Walking Gundam, its popularity has undeniably propelled the franchise to new heights. With ongoing releases of Gundam anime series, movies, and Gundam plastic models, it's possible that we might witness the emergence of additional life-sized statues in Japan in the future.

Walking Gundam Triumphant

Despite facing challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, Gundam Factory Yokohama has welcomed over one million visitors since its inauguration in 2020. While several Gundam cafes in Japan have recently closed down, this attraction has managed to capture the attention of tourists, including those unfamiliar with anime and the Gundam series. This year, the statue even hosted an exciting rock-paper-scissors tournament, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the experience. Although the walking Gundam initially announced its closure on March 31st of next year, its immense popularity may once again save it from bidding farewell.

During this year's Anime Expo, the Gundam franchise made exciting announcements about its future. A new series titled Gundam: Requiem for Vengeance is currently in production, comprising six episodes that delve into the original universe that kick-started the franchise, but with a unique twist. Additionally, fans were thrilled to learn that a new movie, Gundam Seed Freedom, is set to hit Japanese theaters in the early months of next year.

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