How Dragon Ball, Kill la Kill Influenced My Adventures With Superman


Jack Wyatt, part of the team behind My Adventures With Superman, opened up about how anime played a significant role in shaping the show's style and language, with direct influences from popular anime series like Dragon Ball and Kill la Kill.

In a recent interview, Wyatt emphasized that anime served as a vital source of inspiration for the show's overall tone. He stated, "Anime is a crucial part of our larger creative inspiration for the series. It resonates with us on multiple levels, from the involvement of overseas studios to our art style and the elements we draw from. It simply felt like the right fit." Wyatt specifically highlighted the influence of anime on the show's fast-paced storytelling, mentioning, "We are all huge fans of anime, and personally, I draw inspiration from Hiroyuki Imaishi [director of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners], who is known for his fast-paced and action-packed sequences."

Which Anime Inspired My Adventures With Superman?

Jack Wyatt, a member of the My Adventures With Superman team, also acknowledged Kill la Kill as a source of inspiration for the show's pacing. He remarked, "Kill la Kill is one of the fastest and most tightly packed shows I've ever watched. While there are aspects that I may not find as commendable, the pacing is just mind-boggling! We wanted to create something that felt dense and packed with content. [laughs] With our 22-minute runtime, we aimed to cram in as much as possible and maintain a fast pace."

In addition to Kill la Kill, Wyatt recognized the potential of drawing parallels to the renowned anime series Dragon Ball to enhance My Adventures With Superman. He explained, "Another aspect is that Dragon Ball is essentially a riff on Superman, and we find that crossover intriguing. In our show, we've attempted to incorporate some of the innovations and ideas that emerged from Dragon Ball within the context of Superman's narrative, to see what new directions we can explore. It's about spinning Dragon Ball just as Dragon Ball spun Superman."

Joining the ranks of anime-inspired original TV series on Adult Swim, My Adventures With Superman adds to the likes of The Boondocks and FLCL Progressive. The longstanding connection between Superman and Dragon Ball stems from their protagonists' strikingly similar origin stories. Both Superman and Son Goku were sent into space just before the destruction of their respective homelands. Adopted and raised by humans on Earth, Goku faced the challenges of harnessing his immense superhuman strength.

In the tradition of skipping Clark Kent's early origins, My Adventures With Superman follows suit with the upcoming film Superman Legacy. The series has garnered praise for its fresh take on Kent's early development before donning the iconic superhero mantle. Jack Quaid, the voice actor for Kent, revealed that his research drew heavily from the All-Star Superman and Superman For All Seasons comics. Quaid stated, "At the core, he's not pretending to be Clark to be more likable or to deceive others. Clark is who he truly is, and he is still exploring his identity as Superman."

My Adventures With Superman made its premiere on Adult Swim on July 6, with episodes available for streaming the following day on Max.

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