How My Adventures With Superman Separates Action and Comedy

The producer of My Adventures With Superman sheds light on how the new Adult Swim series skillfully combines clever dialogue with stunningly animated action sequences.

In a recent interview, executive producer Jake Wyatt delved into the show's ability to strike a balance between action and comedy. Wyatt attributed this success to the deliberate separation of the two elements.

"Our approach in the first script was to blend everything together as seamlessly as possible. We wanted to intertwine jokes, humorous moments, and investigative elements, all moving at a rapid pace. It creates this dynamic mix of character-driven content, comedic moments, and ongoing investigations, which contributes to the show's fast-paced feel," explained the executive producer. Wyatt further elaborated, stating, "However, when it comes to action, we let it take center stage. During these sequences, dialogue takes a back seat, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the action. Unlike some MCU projects, we don't blend jokes and action to the same extent."

By consciously delineating between humor and action, My Adventures With Superman effectively maintains a balance that keeps the narrative engaging and ensures that the action sequences are impactful. The series presents a cohesive blend of witty dialogue and awe-inspiring animated action, delivering a captivating viewing experience for audiences on Adult Swim.

The Inspirations Behind My Adventures With Superman

Wyatt emphasized the importance of condensing as much content as possible into each episode of My Adventures With Superman. With a runtime of only 22 minutes per episode and an initial season consisting of five episodes, Wyatt aimed to maximize the density of storytelling. Taking inspiration from anime such as Kill La Kill, he sought to create a series that would be fast-paced and packed with narrative substance. Reflecting on the influence of Kill La Kill, Wyatt said, "We are all avid fans of anime [...]. Kill La Kill is one of the most rapid and dense shows I've ever seen. While it may not be flawless in every aspect, the pacing is mind-blowing! We wanted to capture that sense of density in our series!"

My Adventures With Superman presents a fresh take on the iconic superhero by focusing on a younger version of Clark Kent. Voiced by Jack Quaid, known for his role in The Boys, Clark embarks on a journey to embrace his role as Superman while navigating the challenges of leading a normal life. At the heart of the series lies the contrast between Clark's god-like abilities and his orphaned background, as he grapples with understanding Earth and its complexities. Joining Quaid are Alice Lee and Ishmael Sahid, lending their voices to Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, respectively, as they assist Clark in reconciling his dual identity and the responsibilities that come with it.

The premiere episode of My Adventures With Superman is now available for streaming on Max, providing viewers with an exciting introduction to this dynamic and compelling reimagining of the beloved superhero.

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