Hulu Launches Official Anime and Animation Block, Animayhem

It appears that Hulu is gearing up for a rebranding of its anime and animation catalog. Recent reports have surfaced, revealing the streaming service's plan to introduce a new block called Animayhem. This block will serve as a dedicated hub where fans can easily find and enjoy the most-watched anime and adult animation titles.

Variety was among the sources to unveil this exciting update, with Hulu's Executive Vice President of Marketing and Publicity, Barrie Gruner, expressing the company's intention to launch Animayhem. Gruner emphasized the significance of creating a destination for fans who already flock to Hulu for its vast collection of adult animation and anime content.

The decision to introduce Animayhem was driven by Hulu's recognition of the enormous popularity and consumption of animation and anime among its user base. In 2023 alone, Hulu users have collectively streamed over a billion hours of animation content, with nearly 300 million hours dedicated to anime.

With the introduction of Animayhem, Hulu aims to provide a seamless and centralized experience for fans to indulge in their favorite genres, solidifying its position as a leading platform for adult animation and anime streaming.

"Creating this brand was truly the brainchild of Shannon Ryan, who oversees marketing for Disney Entertainment Television, and Joe Earley, the president of D2C," Gruner revealed. "It gained tremendous momentum across the entire company. All teams enthusiastically embraced the idea because it presents a unique opportunity to deliver what fans truly desire."

The objective of Animayhem is to provide streaming fans with an "animation destination" that seamlessly combines anime with adult animation. "This brand firmly establishes Hulu as the ultimate streaming destination for animation, and we won't achieve that through individual title campaigns," Gruner elaborated. "It represents a true fusion of our original programming and our extensive library."

Regarding the content that will be featured in this hub, Animayhem will encompass a wide range, from beloved classics like Futurama to popular series like Naruto. Hulu boasts an impressive collection of 46 adult animated series and nearly 280 anime titles, including exclusive offerings such as Tokyo Revengers and Undead Unluck. With the streaming industry becoming increasingly diverse and competitive, Hulu is determined to deliver its animated content, and users can look forward to exploring Animayhem in the near future!

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